Real Estate is Fun

by Chicago Agent

When the market is slow and houses aren’t flying off the “shelves,” agents often forget that real estate can actually be fun. In fact, when times are tough, many don’t take the time to stop and think about the reason they got into the industry in the first place. These reasons are important to reflect upon, because they will always be present, during the good times and the bad.

The amazing thing about Realtors is that most of them truly love their job. Agents don’t show up at an office and sit at their desk all day waiting for the clock to strike five, they are out and about showing listings, finding referrals and networking. Realtors get as much out of the industry as they put in, making it the ideal position for a variety of different personalities. Real estate is not an easy job by any means, but it is a career that is always changing and gives people the ability to shape the job any which way they’d like.

Aside from the flexibility that comes with this gig, agents also are able to assist clients in one of the most important decisions they’ll make in their lives: buying a home. From first timers to empty nesters, this is a huge moment in a person’s life that doesn’t happen all that often. Realtors are welcomed into their clients’ lives and families, and some find lifelong friends in the process.

The purpose of this issue during a cold, snowy winter is to highlight all the fun aspects of the industry. Though the CA staff might not be out there selling homes, we are still entrenched in the industry and enjoy partaking in networking events and parties. Nothing is better than attending a great event as a part of your job!

From fashion to the car you drive, many details of a Realtor’s job are completely different from the everyman nine-to-five, and that’s the reason so many Realtors love what they do. We wanted everyone in the industry to take a moment to breathe in and remember what they love about real estate, and move forward feeling refreshed, recharged and ready for fun.

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