Match Game!

by Chicago Agent

Match the celebrity to the neighborhood from which they hail.

1. Bill Murray
2. John Cusack
3. Rock Hudson
4. Ernest Hemingway
5. Ray Bradbury
6. Hilary Rodham Clinton
7. Red Grange
8. Dwayne Wade
9. Anthony Rapp
10. Marlee Matlin
11. Robert (Mike Brady) Reed
12. Denise Richards
13. Richard M. Daley
14. Jerry Colangelo
15. Evan Lysacek

A. Bridgeport
B. Morton Grove
C. Chicago Heights
D. Downers Grove
E. Highland Park
F. Joliet
G. Naperville
H. Wilmette
I. Wheaton
J. Evanston
K. Winnetka
L. Oak Park
M. Waukegan
N. Robbins
O. Park Ridge

1.H 2.J 3.K 4.L 5.M 6.O 7.I 8.N 9.F 10.B 11.E 12.D 13.A 14.C 15.G

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