I Moved!

by Chicago Agent

Every year in our Neighborhoods to Watch issue, I proclaim my love for my own neighborhood. Well, since last year’s issue, I’ve moved into a new condo. I know what you’re thinking, “how could she leave her beloved Roscoe Village?” Rest assured, I moved about two blocks north and one block east, putting me even closer to the action that I’ve always enjoyed.

When my fiancé and I started our search for a new place to live, we wanted to stay in Roscoe Village, but we weren’t sure if it was possible and we were open to something new. We explored locations in Lincoln Square, East Lakeview and Wrigleyville – all of which had some great condos and exciting features. In the end, the thought of moving far away from the area we loved was too disappointing, and with the help of our Realtor, we found the perfect condo just a few blocks from our old place.

There are hundreds of different neighborhoods in Chicago, and there are also hundreds of suburbs. Each has its own charm and something special to offer, and the key is to find what specifically appeals to your clients. While the Lincoln Square location we liked was closer to the train, in the end being closer to the freeway and downtown was more important. Also, there is nothing wrong with a brisk walk now and again, though others might not agree.

It’s difficult to be intimately familiar with every neighborhood that’s out there, but as a Realtor you should do your best to know a little about each. If a client is interested in one you don’t know as well, it’s your job to become an expert!

In this year’s Neighborhoods to Watch issue, we spoke with six Realtors in six different neighborhoods to help you learn about some of the locations where people are clamoring to buy in 2010: Beverly, Des Plaines, Elgin, Lincoln Square, Northbrook and Tinley Park. Each Realtor describes their suburb/neighborhood of choice in their own words, expressing why each is one to watch this year.

For some people, like me, neighborhood is 90 percent of what makes them choose a home. While it might not be as important to others, it’s always going to factor into the decision in some way or another. Knowing your neighborhoods is a key part of the industry, so do your research!

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