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Yet again we have landed on a topic on which I am an expert. Of course it’s hard to find a topic where I’m not an expert, but when it comes to social media I rule the world. I’m on Facebook, ActiveRain, Twitter, CA’s Network, LinkedIn, Foursquare and every other site you can think of. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal my true identity, or else someone would have me killed.

However, Agent X does have a Twitter account! I used to have a Facebook page, but I’m no longer allowed to associate myself with the magazine on Facebook after what happened last time – for now. So here is my not-so-subtle plea to make me look really really popular by following me here: @CAgentX. That is the point of social networking, right? Oh stop your indignant hollering, I’m just kidding. The real reason for social media is to stalk your enemies and competition. But if you’re one of those people that actually uses the site for business, it will look good to your potential clients if you have me as a friend, I’m kind of a big deal.
When you’re done reading this magazine from cover to cover twice over, I’ll see you over at Twitter where you can read my insightful and hilarious gossip slinging by following @CAgentX. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll follow you as well. I’ll start with the gossip now, but just think you can be updated 24/7 by following me on Twitter, what’s the address again you say? @CAgentX!

Jameson Real Estate has taken over Silver Tower following a foreclosure suit that was filed against Stonegate with new pricing and an eager staff. But honestly, when are the Jameson kids not eager about something?

As I’m sure you’ve seen from the many eBlasts we’ve sent out, RDM has decided to auction off 1400 N. Lake Shore with the help of Jameson’s new auction collaboration with Michael Fine. I’m guessing everyone is eager about this as well.

At their top producer recognition event in Rosemont on March 22, Koenig & Strey GMAC unveiled their new red, black and white logo and brand identity. I don’t know why everyone is so interested in using these colors, personally I would go for a mauve or chartreuse, but we all can’t be trendsetters.

Our homeboys are going abroad! Chicago architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill were selected to design the world’s tallest building in the Saudi city of Jiddah.

Bill Davies, the crazy man who purchased the old Post Office – twice — has hired Mayor Daley’s brother to represent him in his city negotiations. Davies is notoriously hard to track down, and Gensler, his architect of interest, says they haven’t “seen hide nor hair of him since last year.” Little do they know I saw him sunbathing bottomless on the beaches of Aruba earlier this month — plenty of hair there.

Weichert, Frankel and Giles is on a roll getting project listings as they nailed down Chess Lofts phase II and had a great model Grand Opening for Astoria Tower this past weekend. You don’t actually have to play chess to buy here, but it certainly helps.

The intersection that Chieftain ambitiously wanted to develop into a condo, hotel and apartment project at Franklin Point is now being sold off by Russland Capital Group. After Chieftain decided not to purchase the land last spring, Russland was banking on the Olympic bid before they decided to sell. Don’t feel bad Russland, you weren’t the only one who was surprised when Chicago was the first one booted out of Olympic contention.

Equity Marketing’s John Goldsworthy has moved back over to @properties to help CMK Development roll out the marketing for their Turks and Caicos project. Note to self to ask about a free stay next winter.

For those of you on the edge of your seats, Michigan Ave Tower II has received FHA approval.

Some movers and shakers out there this week. Sophia Ojukwu, formerly of Century 21 Hometown, has joined Coldwell Banker’s Hyde Park Office. Brian Guzman, formerly of @properties, has joined Coldwell Banker’s Lakeview office, and Drew McKendry is now hanging his hat in the Gold Coast at Keller Williams.

Birthdays are just for the hotties in this issue: Mike Vesole on April 1, Phil Burnstine April 3 and Lauren Mitrick April 12. Hubba hubba.
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