We’re All Rookies

by Chicago Agent

At one point or another, we’re all rookies. From your first summer job to your first salaried position, we’ve all been in a position where we were brand spanking new and had no clue what was going on.

Even if you were born into a real estate dynasty (you know who you are), there was still that first official day on the job, or that first listing. Since we all have been there, let’s all try to be patient and understanding when we find ourselves face to face with a rookie. And if you come across a rookie that seems to be hitting it out of the ballpark, don’t be afraid to learn from them.

Last weekend, I was having a nice Sunday lunch and watching the Cubs game (they won!) with a friend. Our waitress, though very nice, was facing her second day on the job. She accidentally brought my friend fries instead of tater tots, and though my lunch-mate didn’t want to cause a fuss, of course I pointed out that we ordered tots; my friend loves his tater tots. The manager came right over and apologized profusely and gave us free drinks. Our waitress also apologized, and let us know she was new. The mistake was hardly a big deal, and our waitress’s kind demeanor and friendly attitude erased any ill will we might’ve felt about receiving the wrong side order.

There are two lessons here: be understanding of a newbie’s mistake and you might get free drinks, and if you are a newbie, the right attitude and effort can cancel out any errors that might occur.

Not all rookies are going to have a year like the Cubs’ Geovany Soto, who was voted an All-Star in his first year in the big leagues and is also in the running for Rookie of the Year. Some players, like Carlos Quentin of the White Sox, took three years to show the world what he’s got. At press time, Quentin has knocked out 35 homeruns so far this year, more than two times the combined number he hit in 2006 and 2007. Sometimes it just takes a little more time for someone to get the juices flowing and find success.

In our rookie issue, we’ve found some fresh faces in the industry that are making their mark. Since this is the only market these agents and lenders have known, their positive outlooks and go-getter attitudes have made them successful regardless of what the market is doing. Rookies and veterans alike can learn from their success, and maybe that sense of innocence can inject a new spring in all of our steps.

Speaking of Rookie of the Year, amazing Amanda has done it again: all of our local listings are brought to you by rookie agents, or agents who have at one point been named Rookie of the Year. Pay attention to the names you see, because one day these rookies might become seasoned veterans.

Zipporah Porton is senior editor of Chicago Agent and Miami Agent magazines. A native of Champaign, she has been writing professionally for more than 10 years. In additon to a Masters in Fine Arts degree in playwriting from the University of Southern California, Zipporah brings both enthusiasm for the real estate industry and rich publishing experience. Send comments and questions to zipporah@chicago.staging312.com.

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