Chicagoland’s Most Exciting Offices 2007

by Chicago Agent

For our third annual Managing Broker’s issue, Chicago Agent found 13 of the most happening places to work in the Chicagoland area. These real estate offices in both the city and the suburbs have discovered how to be fun and exciting, while still demonstrating professionalism and finding success. Under the guidance of a managing broker who sets the tone for the entire office, these are the 13 places where agents can’t wait to get to work in the morning.

The managing broker serves a number of functions in every office. In the real estate industry, each agent has the opportunity to be an independent individual, but can always rely on the managing broker for guidance and instruction. The head of any business has a tough job, but it’s always easier at a productive and enjoyable office with a fantastic staff.

In our cover story below, you’ll see profiles and pictures from 13 completely different offices with their own flare and way of doing business. These profiles can help you as a managing broker yourself, or as an agent, find out what makes these electrifying offices tick, and formulate methods to grace these pages next year.

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American Invsco Realty
1030 N. Clark St., Suite 400

Kimberly A. Binkowski, GRI, CRS, LTG
Managing Broker

Years as managing broker: 13
Years in real estate: 24
Number of agents: 139
Anticipated 2007 sales volume: $134,000,000
Anticipated number of 2007 transactions: 1,650

American Invsco Realty, Inc., was started in November of 2005 when CEO and owner of American Invsco hired Kimberly Binkowski to run their brokerage division. In the first year of its existence, American Invsco Realty, Inc., grew 125 percent. Under Kim’s leadership, in 2006, the new brokerage division went from one office of 11 agents to 10 offices with more than 100 agents in three cities: Chicago, Orlando and Las Vegas.

In 2007, American Invsco Realty, Inc., continued its dynamic growth. In the first quarter, we doubled our revenue from the previous year. Moreover, we are on course through the rest of 2007 to more than triple our revenue from 2006, with the month of October being our best month yet with over $30 million closed.

Our sales team has also grown dramatically. Throughout this year, American Invsco Realty, Inc., has not only grown in size and revenue, but we have grown in our expertise. Over half of our entire sales team attended Mike Ferry training this year and they are flourishing under the Mike Ferry practices.

We have also increased our portfolio by not only helping sell out American Invsco condominium conversions, but also by taking on listings — including residential, commercial and listings for other developers. We have also moved into the international real estate market place by taking on listings and development management projects in Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Mexico and throughout the Caribbean.

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Keller Williams Lincoln Park Realty
2106 N. Clark St.
Lincoln Park

Keller Williams Gold Coast
676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3010
Gold Coast

Deborah Benn
Managing Broker

Years as managing broker: 3
Years in real estate: 7
Number of agents: 135
Anticipated sales volume 2007: $300,000,000
Anticipated number of 2007 transactions: 780

Craig Hogan
Managing Broker

Years as managing broker: One month
Years in real estate: 13
Number of agents: 138
Anticipated sales volume 2007: $150,000,000
Anticipated number of 2007 transactions: 899

In what reality area does your office specialize?
Our mission statement at Keller Williams is to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living. Hence, it is an honor and a privilege to be in business with real estate agents in the Chicagoland area who have the desire to grow profitable businesses and to live quality lives. Specifically, the Gold Coast office focuses on Gold Coast and all downtown areas.

How would you describe the “vibe” of your office?
Every market center has its own personality and character. Overall, we have fun but everyone is very serious about their career — and about serving their clients and their fellow agents. The Gold Coast office likes to use the terms eclectic and charged up to describe the vibe.

Why is your office a great place to work?
The Keller Williams culture is really what it is all about. There are three simple words that describe the driving force: vision, dedication and inspiration. Our environment creates a culture of discipline which ultimately increases productivity in our agents’ businesses. At Keller Williams, each agent is empowered and educated to be the CEO of their real estate business. Additionally, each office functions as a family, and this approach guides the way business is conducted every day. We at Keller Williams support one another in achieving goals and celebrate the accomplishment of milestones. We treat each other with respect and integrity, and challenge ourselves and our peers in a productive, meaningful way. We encourage grotwh and self-discovery, and have fun in the process. We also lend a hand whenever it is needed.

What benefits do you offer your agents?
The interdependent business model of Keller Williams Realty supports agents and brokers working as a team to maximize productivity and profitability of each agent’s business. Keller Williams has a training curriculum for agents who close between 0-17, 17-33 and 33-plus transactions per year. Keller Williams has a 100 percent commission opportunity with a capping system. We believe this is a win-win relationship because our agents know how much they will give the brokerage each year. In addition, the owners of the company share the profit of the company with our agents who help the company grow. Therefore, this is a permanent passive income opportunity which could be used as a retirement plan.

What is your office’s best achievement of 2007?
“Suddenly a force emerges, sweeping away everything that comes before it. It grabs the status-quo by its old-world lapels and shakes until it pays attention.” A bold statement made by some bold leaders. Both the Lincoln Park and Gold Coast office got in business with two leaders from within the KW system that is dedicated and determined to take Keller Williams and our agents to the next level.

How do you play to stay on top in 2008?
For staying on top in 2008, we plan to get in business with agents who are serious about growing their business. We acknowledge that true shifts in market share occur during these times; therefore, this is our opportunity to get focused on educating our agents on how to seize this awesome opportunity. Keller Williams Realty, as we know it today, was launched during a national recession and industry changes. Therefore, our business, organizational and economic models are proven to be successful in any market.

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Koenig & Strey GMAC Lincoln Park Office
1940 N. Clark St.

Chuck Goro
Managing Broker

Years as managing broker: 16
Number of agents: 250+

Koenig & Strey GMAC’s award-winning East Lincoln Park office is among the top residential real estate offices in the country. Located in the heart of the neighborhood at 1940 North Clark St., across from Lincoln Park Zoo, sales associates have been serving the area for two decades.

Building on this success, a second location at 1800 North Clybourn opened in 2006. This West Lincoln Park office operates as an excellent complement to the original East Lincoln Park office, enabling us to provide even better service to our clients. The West Lincoln Park office is equipped with the latest technology, including secure wireless access, digital senders, flat screen monitors and a state-of-the-art phone and voice mail system.

Under the leadership of Chuck Goro, more than 250 sales associates work as a team and network constantly to provide each client with the best real estate experience possible. The exceptional agents at these offices consistently achieve record-breaking sales. In keeping with the dynamic spirit of Lincoln Park, sales associates from these two offices represent over $650 million of new construction units at more than 50 developments.

Exceptional marketing programs, extensive advertising and Internet exposure further enable our professionals to meet and exceed client expectations.

Koenig & Strey GMAC is a full service real estate brokerage with 23 unique residential brokerage offices and over 1,100 sales associates serving Chicago, the North Shore, Lake County and the western and northwestern suburbs. Koenig & Strey GMAC is an exclusive affiliate of Christie’s Great Estates.

“Sales associates work as a team and network constantly to provide each client with the best real estate experience possible.” —CHUCK GORO

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Koenig & Strey GMAC O’Grady Office & Northwest Side Office (opening in 2008)
5617 N. Milwaukee

Richard Murawski
Managing Broker

Years as managing broker: 22
Years in real estate: 30

Koenig & Strey GMAC has expanded its presence to the Northwest side of the city with two new locations to serve the Norwood Park, Jefferson Park, Edison Park, Portage Park, Irving Park, Albany Park, Edgebrook, Sauganash neighborhoods and the surrounding suburbs including Lincolnwood, Park Ridge, Skokie and Niles. The O’Grady Office and the new Northwest Side office are both managed by real estate veteran Richard Murawski.

The acquistion of O’Grady Realty & Builders, Inc., a highly reputable family-owned brokerage serving the area for more than 25 years, affords a convenient location at 5617 N. Milwaukee Ave., just minutes from the Edens and Kennedy expressways, as well as Milwaukee Ave. and Northwest Highway. Building on the traditions of both organizations, the O’Grady office is a full-service office with a blend of new and experienced agents who provide residential resale, development and commercial business.

In the first quarter of 2008, a state-of-the-art office will open in downtown Edgebrook featuring the latest real estate office technology, including virtual agent stations that allow agents to work as they choose by plugging in a laptop or connecting to the wireless network.

In addition to the reputable, high level of service Koenig & Strey GMAC delivers to their clients, the company upholds that same level of commitment to their sales agents. Programs offered at the company and office levels bring the highest level of training to the agents and instill the values and philosophies needed to serve our clients with the professionalism, expertise and industry knowledge they deserve. Weekly in-office training and an office blog keep sales associates up-to-date on Internet resources, training handouts, technology tips and the latest office news.

In 2008, the sales associates at the O’Grady and Northwest Side offices look forward to expanding our services to buyers and sellers in a new market area.

“Bringing a new level of service to the northwest side.” —RICHARD MURAWSKI

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Koenig & Strey GMAC Orleans Office
750 N. Orleans

Michael Mazzei
Managing Broker

Years as a managing broker: 14
Years in real estate: 22

The Koenig & Strey Orleans office inhabits an airy loft space located in the heart of Chicago’s chic, cultural hub in River North at the corner of Chicago Ave. and Orleans. The vibrant energetic feel of the River North neighborhood is reflected by the agents working in this office.

Branch executive Michael Mazzei has created a synergistic environment where agents work together as a team. Mazzei takes a hands-on approach when helping agents win new business, as well as mentoring and coaching agents on goal setting and accountability.

The Orleans office sits on the cutting edge of the real estate industry by constantly employing the latest technology to better serve clients. Each agent is provided a personal laptop, a personal Web site to promote themselves as well as their listings and access to our state-of-the-art technology to better further their business. A dedicated administrative support staff creates a Podcast, brochure and an online flyer for each posting.

A director of technology at the office provides agent training and support for building Web sites and increasing traffic to basic application skills. At regular roundtable sessions, agents can discuss transactions, troubleshoot objections and vet new ideas for business growth.

“In 2008, our office will continue to grow, as agents are attracted to the stability of KSGMAC.” —MICHAEL MAZZEI

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Prairie Shore Properties
4109 N. Lincoln. Ave.

Mary Summerville
Managing Broker/Owner

Years as managing broker: 18
Years in real estate: 22

Number of agents: 55
Anticipated 2007 sales volume: $400,000,000

In what realty area does your office specialize?
Our office on Lincoln Ave., is a new one for Prairie Shore Properties. We just celebrated our grand opening on Nov. 8, 2007. The office is located in North Center, which is convenient to Lincoln Square, Lakeview, St. Ben’s, Albany Park and Roscoe Village. We also have agents that specialize in the “Villas” and Old Irving.

How would you describe the “vibe” of your office?
We like to keep our office fresh, clean and organic. Inside you will find great artwork and modern interiors. The office is both professional and functional, with a great environment where people enjoy working.

Why is your office a great place to work?
This is a great place to work because we cater to the true independent contractor, that person who is a pure entrepreneur. Additionally, we offer all the bells and whistles that the larger corporate firms offer, but we provide better commissions and allow our agents to make their own business decisions.

What benefits do you offer your agents?
We can offer our agents a great in-house design/marketing department. We value our great staff and support our agents any way we can. Our agents are considered our clients, which ensures that we do a great job for them. Additionally, there is great management in each office. All of our offices are wireless and our phone systems can be customized for each agents’ needs. Our agents can drop in any of our offices and feel at home, whether it is in Evanston or Wilmette. We especially cater to top producers with our average agent selling in excess of $8,000,000 a year.

A few years ago, we started a mentoring program. One new agent is hired a year and they receive one-on-one training, the outcome of which has been wonderful in the past. We also have retirement advisors available to our agents and offer a variety of insurance plans.

How do you plan to stay on top in 2008?
In 2008, we plan to continue a process of support and evaluation of our sales team that emphasizes flexibility and fresh approaches.

“Be flexible, be a good listener and be willing to put in the hours.” —MARY SUMMERVILLE

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

RE/MAX NorthCoast
1225 W. Morse Ave.

Connie D. Abels, GRI, ABR
Managing Broker/Owner

Years as managing broker: 20+
Years in real estate: 20+
Number of agents: 16

In what realty area does your office specialize?
At RE/MAX NorthCoast, our loft-style office is conveniently located, and we focus a lot of our sales and marketing efforts in the immediate area of Rogers Park, Edgewater/Andersonville and Evanston. Our sales associates live as far south as Markham, north to Winnetka and west to Portage Park. Our geographical location does not limit our business and our business has no limits. We service all areas of the city and suburbs; meeting our client’s need and maintaining our “clients come first” office attitude. All of our agents have specialized services and individual strengths, giving each of them the incentive to succeed and meet their clients’ needs. We service both the residential and commercial market and offer an experienced perspective with regard to property acquisition, developer representation and rehab/conversion projects.

We have several developer clients with both active projects and upcoming projects in 2008. Our associates who want to work on development projects are given that opportunity. We also still manage to care for the constant in real estate: the traditional homebuyer and seller.

How would you describe the “vibe” of your office?
We are an energetic, eclectic office with a focus on the success of each other. You will find a culture of teams, with agents assisting agents, which is unusual in any real estate office. By teaming together, everyone prospers! Our agents are empowered to manage their own business within our business, which gives them autonomy while they still support the company. Our office is on the smaller side, so that we do not lose the personal touch with our clients. Connie Abels, our broker/manager, is always available to provide wisdom in a negotiation, provide transaction support and make us feel that we are special and important to her.

Why is your office a great place to work?
It takes an exceptional person to head up a real estate firm. The role of broker demands close attention to detail and an understanding nature. This is achieved through Connie’s skillful style. If you have a question, she’ll help you find the answer. If you’ve got a problem, she’ll help you find the solution. If you’ve got a joke, she’ll happily listen and share one with you. We like to compliment the serious nature of our business with a playful office environment, which Connie believes breeds success and happiness. We are serious about making money, and this is not a “hang around the water cooler” office.

Our commission structure puts the greatest amount of money in the hands of the agents, with less stress. Everyone is 100 percent, and agents have a choice on how their low desk fees are paid. Every agent is on the same commission schedule, no favorites. New business is shared with agents on a rotating basis. The broker shares her referrals by co-listing, or referring in house.

What benefits do you offer your agents?
Our office is a delightful space to work and to bring clients. We are constantly being complimented on our lofty office design and the colors which most people say make them feel very comfortable and “at home.” We are networked and wireless so agents can bring their laptops and immediately access our mainframe software and multiple printers. Our front end coordinator is the glue that keeps our office together, from distributing faxes to assisting walk-in clients. We also keep a marketing director on staff to assist agents. Come work with us and you can celebrate birthdays with cake every month.

What is your office’s best achievement of 2007?
Our best achievement is the success of each individual agent and our market standing. We are consistently the top office selling property in our immediate area. We have not lost a single agent in a tough market.

“You must do the most productive thing at every given moment.” —CONNIE D. ABELS

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ryan Hill Realty
15 W. Jefferson, 2nd Floor

Jack Persin

Years as managing broker: 2
Years in real estate: 20
Number of agents: 45
Anticipated 2007 sales volume: $60,000,000
Anticipated number of 2007 transactions: 225

“We will provide unparalleled customer service through a commitment to continuous improvement and personal excellence.” —JACK PERSIN

Ryan Hill Realty is a unique brand of real estate company that is growing despite the challenges of today’s market. Ryan Hill blends a real estate brokerage network with a strong project sales division, MRH Marketing Partners, and its affiliation with the Marquette Companies, a $1 billion family of real estate companies, to serve their clients at every level including rentals, first time homebuyers, move-up buyers, custom home sales and downsizers.

Ryan Hill is based on a developmental culture, which will continually evolve as the market becomes more and more sophisticated. Ryan Hill’s agents are given the opportunity to participate in numerous developmental courses, such as Life Map, Communication and Accountability, all designed to help agents grow and develop in their capacity to serve their clients at the highest level.

One of Ryan Hill Realty’s best achievements in 2007 is having one of the highest selling project sales properties in the number of condominiums sold in the Chicagoland area. The Ponds of Naperville has sold more than 100 homes in the last six months. Another achievement is the company’s nomination for Small Business of the Year Award by the Naperville Chamber of Commerce.

Generosity and making a difference are important core values for Ryan Hill agents. It was that philosophy that has Ryan Hill Realty agents donating a portion of every sales commission through 2007, to be matched by the company. Then in February, they will travel to Pass Christian, Miss., to build a home for a family that lost their home in Hurricane Katrina.

Ryan Hill exudes energy and progressiveness through an office culture that is unique to the real estate community. Top of the line technology, event-based marketing, training and agent support coupled with company core values creates an environment of excellence. The most recent benefit being offered to agents is company laptop computers. The laptops offer the latest version of Windows Vista Business edition, a wireless card and a company Powerpoint listing presentation and company benefit presentation. One of the latest innovations is the “Interactive Window” at two of the company’s offices, which allows customers passing by the office to view and hear audio descriptions of homes, see virtual tours, use a mortgage calculator or e-mail an agent.

Lead generation and agent referrals are maximized through the unique “rent to own” programs, project sale referral programs and numerous Web site inquiries generated by their many Web domains, including NapervilleHomes.com.

Ryan Hill Realty is poised to grow by 25 percent annually through its continued commitment to agent support and development and by serving its clients at the highest level of professionalism.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Streeterville Properties
432 East Grand Ave.

Gail Spreen
Managing Broker/Owner

Years as managing broker: 13
Years in real estate: 17

Number of agents: 6
Anticipated 2007 sales volume: $40,000,000
Anticipated number of 2007 transactions: 100

In what realty area does your office specialize?
Our office specializes in residential brokerage in the Streeterville area. By focusing in our neighborhood, we provide a higher degree of service and value to our clients. We are experts on all things Streeterville. Our agents either live in the area or are involved with the community in some way. Gail Spreen, broker/owner, is the president of Streeterville’s community group SOAR (Streeterville Organization of Active Residents). We are also involved with the Streeterville Chamber of Commerce and the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association. We believe that our community involvement, commitment to the neighborhood and our knowledge of the area and its buildings make us uniquely qualified to assist those interested in property in this vibrant area. Our office also assists with leasing, asset management and appraisals. We have worked with many different types of buyers, from international buyers to students, and those looking for an “in-town condo”. There is a big market for those looking for a second home in Streeterville because of all it has to offer in the way of entertainment, recreation and culture.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of your office?
The vibe of our office is truly special. Aesthetically, you just have to walk in to see and feel the difference. Gail set out to break the mold of your traditional cubicle stuffed brokerage office and created a warm, welcoming place for agents, clients and the community. We are located at street level with floor-to-ceiling windows, which creates energy from all the natural light and pedestrians walking by. The office presents a sophisticated, high-tech feel while still having a warm and open personality.

Why is your office a great place to work?
We foster a team-player philosophy at Streeterville Properties and new ideas are always welcome. We also value communication, with weekly sales meetings to keep everyone in touch and motivated. Our broker/owner’s door is always open to answer questions or offer guidance. Attitude is one of the most important things to us, and this is a culture that begins with leadership. Gail always has a positive attitude and looks at things constructively, which makes the office an easy, uplifting and inspiring place to be/work. Lastly, integrity is an area where we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We strive to always take the high road — no exceptions and in the end everyone wins.

What benefits do you offer your agents?
We offer an amazing office to call home and a place you will be proud to bring your clients. Our office is equipped with the newest and best technology. The office is completely wireless and we offer VOIP data and phones with find me follow me features, three plasma screens for showing properties or presentations, marketing which includes just listed/sold cards, customized brochures and signage and competitive commissions based on experience.

What is your office’s best achievement of 2007?
We opened in April of 2007, and that was by far the biggest and best achievement. It was a lot of love, dreams, ideas and hard work finally coming to fruition.

How do you plan to stay on top in 2008?
We will stay on top in ‘08 by serving all of our clients and their interests in the best way possible, staying true to our values, working hard, staying on top of the market and education and by being experts in Streeterville.

“Success comes with helping others succeed.” —GAIL SPREEN

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thornton Properties

Kevin Thornton

Years as managing broker: 4
Years in real estate: 15
Number of agents: 15

“Thornton Properties leads the way, offering the expertise of a big-name firm with the comfort and personal attention of a boutique company.” —KEVIN THORNTON

In what realty area does your office specialize?
At Thornton Properties, we focus our marketing and advertising efforts in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Our loft-style office is conveniently located in the heart of the South Loop; however, we assist clients from all corners of Chicago. Our agents work with all types of buyers, sellers, renters and investors. Each agent in our office has individual strengths, and we make sure that each client is matched up with the agent who makes the most sense based on the client’s specific needs.

How would you describe the “vibe” of your office?
The vibe of the Thornton Properties office is extremely friendly, yet motivating and dedicated to success. We are able to maintain a comfortable and casual work environment while remaining professional and service-driven. We welcome diversity of both agents and clients of all ages, races and ethnicities, and team members are involved in most company-wide decisions. Visitors to our office will likely hear laughter, a little sarcasm and even a little music.

Why is your office a great place to work?
We value diversity; we are a progressive company and welcome new ideas and personalities. We value a non-corporate environment; in other words, agents are individuals, not numbers, and there is no required corporate training program, just hands-on, real-time, on-the-job support. There is support staff available to assist agents with whatever they need, and our managing broker, Kevin Thornton, maintains an open-door style of management. We also utilize all the current technology available to make our agents’ business a success.

What benefits do you offer your agents?
At Thornton Properties, we provide our agents with all the basic tools and much more to assure a successful sales business. First, there is no desk fee; agents only pay E&O insurance and CAR and MLS dues. All basic office tools such as computer, phone, desk, copier and fax are provided, and each agent receives a personal company e-mail account. We provide a wealth of client leads through our custom Internet lead-generation system. We offer marketing tools such as postcard mailers, flyers, on-site signage, business cards, virtual tours, etc., free of charge (some items may be based on agent productivity). We provide administrative support, such as posting listings on the company Web site, the Chicago Tribune’s Web site and www.Chicago.com, assistance with design and ordering of marketing pieces and training on any technology tools if necessary. We also give each agent free membership to www.Realtor.com.

Please tell us additional reasons why your company is special?
We are in the midst of growing our office, and invite seasoned agents as well as new licensees who are interested in the South Loop market and/or interested in working for a supportive, comfortable and non-corporate company to get in touch with us.

As a boutique, hands-on company, we’re dedicated to being supportive to each individual agent and to doing whatever in our power to help him or her achieve a personal best.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

209 W. Ohio St.

Ron Ruby
Managing Broker/Owner

Years as managing broker: 8
Years in real estate: 18

Number of agents: 20
Anticipated 2007 sales volume: $85,000,000
Anticipated number of 2007 transactions: 160

In what realty area does your office specialize?
We are partnered with a prominent Chicago developer and at any given time we have a large inventory of new construction condominiums, townhomes and single-family homes for sale. We specialize in working with sellers and buyers throughout the Chicago area. Through our affiliation with Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc., the third largest relocation company in the world, we have the opportunity to assist many Fortune 500 companies with their relocation needs. Also, Weichert has a state-of-the-art call center which provides our agents with live, immediate scrubbed leads.

How would you describe the “vibe” of your office?
Just imagine the exposure you could get conducting business in our chic, high-visibility downtown sales office located on Ohio St. Funky, high-tech and contemporary in design, our new 4,000-square-foot space is conveniently located directly off the Ohio feeder ramp in trendy River North. Work areas are designed to optimize comfort and functionality. For added convenience and flexibility, WEICHERT, REALTORS — First Chicago has dedicated resources outside of Chicago for agents who cater to the suburban market.

Why is your office a great place to work?
Wherever you decide to conduct business, it’s not all business. Hard work gives way to fun and relaxation. WEICHERT, REALTORS ­— First Chicago has a customer- and agent-centric philosophy. We believe in the Golden Rule (not the one where the person with the gold rules), and we share certain core values with all Weichert offices throughout the United States. These include integrity, professional standars, added value, personal service and building relationships for life.

What benefits do you offer your agents?
• All the systems, tools, marketing and PR through our affiliation with WEICHERT
• Qualified buyer and seller leads
• Convenient on-line and live professional training
• Mentoring and coaching
• Personal, hands-on management
• Business cards, agent announcement cards/e-announcements
• Open House signs. for sale signs and sign riders
• MLS input & status changes
• Contracts administration
• Client and co-op agent gift program
• Internet and e-mail marketing
• Full service, in-house marketing support
• Print and internet advertising
• Errors and omissions insurance
• Individualized computer setup
• High-speed wireless connection at office and sales center locations
• High-speed color copier, scanner and fax

What is your office’s best achievement of 2007?
Being selected as the first Chicago office for WEICHERT, REALTORS, the largest independently owned provider of real estate services in the world, was our best achievement in 2007.

How do you plan to stay on top in 2008?
In 2008, real estate agents and customers will demand higher levels of service and support from their companies. WEICHERT, REALTORS ­— First Chicago will continue to focus on providing superior service and support to help our agents and customers reach their goals.

“First Chicago provides growth opportunities in a fun, exciting and challenging work environment.” —RON RUBY

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