Sam Sharp, Executive Vice President, National Sales

Guaranteed Rate

Formerly a professional musician, Sam Sharp discovered an opportunity in the mortgage industry when he broke his hand and could no longer tour, trading one rewarding career for another. Now, he specializes in home financing for all types of homebuyers: First-time, jumbo, investors, self-employed, veterans and active military.

During his 21-year career, Sharp has been featured in all but one issue of Chicago Agent magazine’s Who’s Who. He’s also extremely proud of the unique financing solutions he provides for his clients. “The mortgage industry is traditionally reactive, and the clock starts after someone signs the dotted line,” he says. “We have created a process that allows the buyer to go through the approval upfront before they locate a home. Not only have we created an experience that alleviates a lot of the stress a client would typically encounter when trying to finance their home, but we also allow our clients to make a stronger offer on a property.”

Sharp describes his approach as “straightforward and easy” and credits his team with helping build a successful business. “I lead a team of amazing individuals, which allows us to provide top-level service 24/7,” he says. “We’ve created an intentional and well-thought-out process for our clients.” It’s clearly working, as clients say doing business with him is “the way homebuying should be.”

Sharp’s years of expertise, along with his critical-thinking skills, are what separates him from others. “We have seen a lot. But we are always learning,” he says. His deep insight into his clients also plays an important role. “The reality is that people don’t want a loan — they want a home.”

Sharp’s love for his wife, Carrie, and his children, Elia and Chloe, spurs him on. “I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my amazing family, and I owe them everything. It’s amazing where this journey has gone,” he says.

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