Ledio Samarxhiu and Paula Tito

Samar Group, Mon Ami Realty Residential


Ledio Samarxhiu, Managing Broker & Co-Owner

Paula Tito, Broker

Brokers Ledio Samarxhiu and Paula Tito of The Samar Group at Mon Ami Realty Residential both have real estate in their blood, which has made providing clients the highest levels of service a snap.

Their interest in real estate blossomed early. From a young age, Samarxhiu helped manage and lease investment properties for his family, while Tito grew up wanting to be a homeowner and investor like her father, purchasing her first property in New York City at age 23.

Samarxhiu’s primary niche is sellers and multifamily investors, and Tito’s is auctions and foreclosures. Samarxhiu’s turf is Chicago’s North Side and the surrounding suburbs, while Tito focuses on the Northwest Side. Together, they handle single-family homes, condos and multifamily buildings. They share a deep understanding of the areas they enthusiastically serve, as Samarxhiu has spent nearly his whole life in Chicago, and Tito has lived there for over 20 years and “experienced the negative and positive changes of the neighborhoods.”

Samarxhiu is the co-founder of Mon Ami Realty Residential. This boutique brokerage has partnered with Mon Ami Realty, a rapidly growing investment fund with a portfolio of over 200 properties across 10 states, creating a unique offering for both clients and brokers. The partnership provides clients with a built-in buyer, while also giving brokers a steady source of listings from the fund’s portfolio.   

Having a dedicated team in his corner guarantees a client that someone is always available to pick up a last-minute appointment, answer any questions and follow up regularly. Samarxhiu’s and Tito’s passion for real estate and dedication to their clients is palpable. “It is extremely rewarding because I know how much of an impact each transaction has,” Tito says.

The Samar Group’s credo is: “We emphasize honest and frequent communication, a strict marketing plan and negotiating for every dollar as if it were our own.” With access to top listings, a worldwide network and cutting-edge technology, the two say they work hard to make every real estate experience “memorable and enjoyable.”

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