Joe Piraino, Broker

Baird & Warner Naperville

A member of the Oswego and Naperville communities for over 15 years, Joe Piraino, real estate agent for Baird & Warner Naperville, loves serving his community and its real estate industry. With a life of sales experience behind him, Piraino has been successfully able to translate his business and marketing skills into a thriving real estate career with a customized approach for each of his clients. “I’ve always believed that in business and real estate, each client’s needs and wants are unique,” he says. “Having the flexible and customizable approach for each client makes the entire process seamless and stress- free.”

Piraino learned early in his career that managers drive a process, but leaders have a unique vision for their people. “I’ve been fortunate in my career to acquire the management and leadership qualities that I have and tailor them to each person’s specific needs,” he says. “It allows for process-driven results combined with creativity and the ability for everybody to be prepared and act with confidence in the process we’ve put in place. It’s also important to have a little fun along the way as well.”

  This customized business style hasn’t gone unnoticed. He garners a majority of his business through referrals and past clients, and has quickly risen to one of the top 3 percent sales generators in the Chicagoland area. He was also initiated into the Baird & Warner Founder’s Club as a top producer at his brokerage. “I wake up each morning and think about what I can do to have an exceptionally delighted client,” he says. “The job at hand always needs to be accomplished correctly and efficiently, but there are so many opportunities for creativity along the way. A delighted client makes everybody happy.”

When he isn’t in the office or helping a client purchase or sell their property, Piraino spends most of his time brainstorming new marketing and branding strategies. “I take myself through an intense marketing and branding session every six months where I write down some pretty crazy ideas,” he says. “Doing this produced the groundwork for my brand ‘630JOE’. Now, whenever I’m at dinner with my family or simply walking my dog, I hear ‘Hey 630JOE!’ from somebody I know or worked with.”

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