Jennifer Ames, Karen Arenson & Carly Jones, License Partners & Owners/Advisors

Engel & Völkers

Jennifer Ames, Engel & Völkers Chicago

Karen Arenson, Engel & Völkers Chicago North Shore

Carly Jones, Engel & Völkers Shoreline, Michigan

Jennifer Ames, Karen Arenson and Carly Jones are three Type A moms. They also happen to be seasoned residential brokers with over 60 years’ experience collectively serving as broker-owners at Engel & Völkers. Covering “shops” in Chicago, on the North Shore and in Southwest Michigan, they love working with their clients — though that’s only part of what inspires them every day.

They’re having the time of their lives mentoring their advisors. While each leads a different shop, all three form a team with one voice and a clear sense of purpose: to empower their advisors to achieve their highest personal and professional goals.

Ames, Arenson and Jones value integrity, character, empathy and passion. While they are all successful advisors themselves — Ames in Chicago, Arenson on the North Shore and Jones in the North Shore and Michigan — they’ve also each fostered a collaborative culture with full-time professionals who truly care about doing the right thing for their clients. They love to learn, grow and share together, and also make their shops a safe place where advisors can ask for help and get the support they need.

The trio is part of a robust global network built by and for the best in the industry. Their colleagues throughout the Americas and around the world are like-minded professionals, people whom they collaborate with and share referrals. When making referrals to their Engel & Völkers colleagues, they know that clients will be taken care of as though they were there themselves. As members of a company, Ames, Arenson and Jones have discovered the true meaning of collaboration.

It is through their own camaraderie as a team of leaders of their local shops that they have forged such a strong bond, as well as a safety net for advisors. Yet it’s they who feel so fortunate to be able to work with one another, learn from one another and support each other every day.

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