Jana Lance, Real Estate Broker


Working tirelessly for her clients, Jana Lance negotiates for her clients as if she’s buying her own home and works hard to make sure she understands what she needs to do to win. “This is not a one-size-fits-all industry,” she says. “I have a passion for understanding everyone’s situation individually.”

Prior to embarking on a career in real estate, Lance worked in business development and earned a graduate degree from Columbia University. During this time, she learned how the housing market fluctuates and how to drive business for her clients.

Now, Lance loves working with clients from all different stages of home buying, whether first-timers, downsizers, or upgraders. She currently lives in Wilmette and is raising her two children there. “We love the community and all it has to offer,” she says. “I know the area very well and can speak to the various schools, communities, neighborhoods, and events.”

In the past year, Lance says nearly every deal she brokered had multiple offers, so she had to learn to maneuver the market. “Coming out on top and winning a house for your client felt victorious,” she admits. “Negotiating offers successfully and getting the best deal possible is something I excel at.”

At the end of the day, Lance works relentlessly to advocate for her clients. “I love helping people find their perfect home! The process is very stressful and usually involves some type of life change,” she says. “It is such a wonderful feeling to know you’ve helped someone find a place that makes them happy and can be their sanctuary.”

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