Christine Carr, Head of Agent Development

Luxury Living Chicago Realty

Before embarking on her real estate career 17 years ago, Christine Carr worked at the Chicago Board of Trade, gaining valuable experience that would prepare her for the dynamism of real estate. When the Board began to overhaul its methodologies, Carr decided it was time for change. She became licensed and hit the ground running at a time when real estate was booming, almost instantly falling in love with the industry’s energy and people.

Among Carr’s biggest professional accomplishments over the past year was the leap she made from broker to coaching agents who serve luxury and multifamily clients in the Chicago area. This was a noteworthy transition, as her comfort zone has traditionally been independent contracting, yet she successfully took on the challenge of joining an already-established organization and being accountable to others. “Coaching creates structure and accountability to support their growth, and Luxury Living Chicago Realty is unique in its vision to provide professional coaching as a part of its offerings to brokers,” says Carr. She describes empathy as a key characteristic she’s employed to yield success. She also notes her ability to recognize, understand and share the feelings of others as pivotal. Her coaching clients often compliment her on her ability to listen and create a safe space for self-discovery.

Having lived in nearly every neighborhood in Chicago and raised her sons in the area, Carr knows the best places to shop, eat and walk the family dog, and can speak to the best schools the city has to offer. Thus, the agents she coaches are able to benefit from her authenticity and deep-rooted knowledge of Chicago culture. A member of the International Coaching Federation (where she is an accredited coach), her local Realtor association and the Edgewater Environmental Coalition, Carr also volunteers with the networking group Powerfully Inspiring Networking Knowledge & Kindness, or PINKK. Applying her coaching skills to her volunteerism, as well, she coaches underserved high school students who are in the midst of making college and other educational decisions.

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