Angel Carlos, Broker


“What makes me different from other agents is being able to understand my clients’ needs in today’s world,” says Chicago broker Angel Carlos. “Whether that’s working with tech-savvy Gen Z and Millennial clients or more traditional clients, I’m flexible and able to recognize their needs to better serve them.”

While Carlos works with clients all over Chicagoland, he specializes in the Prospect Heights/Wheeling area. It’s the community in which he grew up and still resides today. “Whether it was walking, on a bike or driving, being exposed to the different types of housing in these areas as a kid only helped me once I started working in real estate,” he remembers. “Knowing these areas gave me confidence in how to better serve my clients.”

Consistency is key for Carlos, who says his work ethic, schedule and accountability continuously open new doors for his business. Additionally, his ability to generate leads consistently through online video marketing has helped him grow his client list during his three years in the industry. “One of the fundamentals my mentors have taught me from the beginning is having systems in place,” he shares. “It’s the root of my business, and I’m very grateful I had them to teach me early on in my career.”

As he gains experience, Carlos is able to tweak and adapt the systems he has in place to fit client and market needs. More importantly, he’s learned how to make buying or selling a fun experience, remarking, “Making sure my days are fun is what helps me keep going and growing as an agent.”

Carlos’ clients frequently tell him they appreciate his transparency, even when things might not be going according to plan. “Whether it’s good or not-so-good news, we have to deliver at all times,” he says. “As a professional, I always make sure to be transparent to my clients.”

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