Tony Abazi, Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer

Neighborhood Loans


As a loan officer for almost two decades, Tony Abazi, senior mortgage loan officer with Neighborhood Loans, has earned a reputation built on integrity and loyalty. He finds great joy in helping clients reach their home ownership dreams by taking time to carefully listen to their situations and reach the best solutions possible. He was first offered a loan officer position in 2003 while he was attending college, and he hasn’t looked back.

When Abazi begins working with a client, he invests the time up front to answer questions from his client, and ask questions of his own, so he can be sure he is preparing them well. He prides himself on under-promising and over-delivering, and believes that doing the greater good has led him to do well in his business and personal life.

Having a team of four is largely instrumental to Abazi’s success. “My team is my everything next to my family,” shares Abazi. “I love my team; they help me so much. Without them I would not be where I am.”

The Scotsman Guide awarded Abazi the Top Originators Award in 2021.

When Abazi isn’t serving his clients, he’s with his wife Dia, two boys Foli, and Artin, spending time with them and other family, and friends. “Family is the most important thing we have in life,” he says. “I do my best not to sacrifice my time with them. I try really hard to give them the best of me, not what’s left of me.”

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