Robbine Kim, Senior Home Lending Advisor

Chase Bank

Patient and thoughtful, Robbine Kim promises to give the personalized attention every client deserves. With a decade of lending experience, Kim, the senior home lending advisor at Chase Bank, specializes in all components of home lending.

Acting as a trusted resource year after year. “Home lending is more than just getting the deal done,” she says. “It’s about taking a nervous customer and helping them understand and navigate through the appraisal and overall lending approval process. It’s a job that requires constant communication with my clients, the agent and the attorney involved.”

Aided by her assistant and processor, Kim balances efficiency with personality, tailoring her service to fit every client’s emotional and financial needs all while growing her business through referrals and networking. “I’m so fortunate to help so many families and make lasting friendships and relationships,” she says, adding that even after 10 years, she still feels the rush of excitement after completing each transaction.

Beginning the process with a methodical and exhaustive review of her client’s finances, Kim ensures that her customers are set up for success and are fully informed of their options before making any decisions.

Kim is a member of the Young Professionals Network and the Women’s Council of Realtors. She is a passionate golfer and a mom to a rambunctious 4 year old. She was recently recognized as a National Achiever for Chase Bank 2020 for outstanding service and performance.

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