Lisa M. Foster, Masters of Urban Planning, Senior Broker


Chicago native Lisa M. Foster, Master of Urban Planning and senior broker with @properties, has championed being a full-service, full-time real estate broker specializing in residential, commercial, special use, investment and foreclosure properties. Foster first got into real estate 21 years ago when the hours of her corporate job collided with the demands of mothering her young son and building a joy-filled home. “I needed something different that gave me control of my schedule and the ability to be there for my family.”

Today, Foster has earned qualifications that make her uniquely capable of serving first-time buyers and repeat clients alike with her trademark experience, calm demeanor and ability to set realistic expectations while delivering stellar results. Her passion to create an enjoyable, happy place, where one can live, laugh and cultivate warm memories, transcends to a gift that she shares with her clients — transacting on behalf of their homes.

Foster’s background in engineering, technology, project management and other demanding disciplines gives her a level of focus and strategy that makes her valuable for clients, while her understanding of the market and compassion for clients makes her a true friend in the process. She has aided in the purchase and sale of hundreds of properties, priding herself on tailoring the experience to the specific needs of her clients and focusing on empowering them to turn their dreams into reality.

“I have many repeat clients,” she says. “I believe they like partnering with me because I have a unique, customized approach, and I focus on efficiency and providing them trustworthy knowledge and advice.” Recalling her previous educational and career experiences, she says, is part of what helps her create value and provide nimble and effective processes for clients today.

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