Chuck Bono, Senior VP of Mortgage Banking

Loan Cabin

It was five years ago that Chuck Bono, Senior VP of Mortgage Banking with Loan Cabin, felt the pull toward a big change in life. He has been working in fitness for eight years up until that point, personal training and counseling clients towards physical wellness and health.

“I needed a new challenge in my life and I had friends doing well in the business, so I went for it,” he says of his jump into mortgage lending. “It has helped me tremendously to have the network I built in that time and start helping those clients with homes or refinancing.” Today, Bono is focused on helping his clients build their financial and home wellness, providing clients the informative, honest counsel to help them make the right decisions. “I’m always willing to answer my clients’ questions.”

A member of the Veterans Advocacy and Benefits Association, Bono assists a variety of borrowers, offering detailed, knowledgeable guidance and quick responses to every concern they have along the way. “I’m always learning, and proving naysayers wrong,” Bono says of his journey to where he is today. “I took on a risk by making this career change, and there were folks who told me it wouldn’t work out, but I have proven that advice wrong, and I’m proud of that.” Part of how he’s proven that wrong is by doing simple things with incredible consistency – communication, transparency, and honesty.

“Clients appreciate straightforward confident answers and a full understanding of what to expect up front,” he says. “My clients don’t have to feel overwhelmed because I don’t hit them with surprises and I’m always up front with them.” With a strong in-house team of support, Bono is able to focus entirely on the customer and work faster than other brokers.

“Homebuying should be fun, exciting and stress-free,” he says. “I aim to make it that way.”


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