Carla Gorman, Broker

Baird & Warner

As a broker with Baird & Warner for more than six years, Carla Gorman has sold more than 300 homes, closed $68 million in sales and earned several awards, including Baird & Warner’s Rookie of the Year, top office producer based on sales and units and top 1% companywide — and she’s just getting started.

“I take buyers and sellers through a comprehensive real estate process to help prepare them for any hurdles or challenges they may encounter during the process,” she says. “By providing a step-by-step and detailed process, it helps set up clients for success in the industry and to define realistic expectations.”

Although no one anticipated the impact a global pandemic would have on the real estate industry or on their business directly, the pandemic helped differentiate agents from those that were willing to adapt and pivot their businesses to an ever-changing environment, were able to set themselves apart in the industry and have their business thrive during this time. In a constantly changing industry, you either adapt and overcome or you will get left behind.

“The experience I have acquired over the years has helped me rise above the competition because it has made me very adaptable,” Gorman says. “I’ve been fortunate to work extensively with builders, new construction, establish a substantial referral network and develop into a successful business and brand.”

Gorman notes that building her own home and working with multiple builders and new construction over the years has made her well-versed in the construction industry, and her experience allows her to expertly guide clients through the homebuilding process.

“My biggest accomplishment this past year was not only keeping my business afloat in a global pandemic,” she says. “Despite all the setbacks and challenges, I was able to have my best year yet with over 70 homes sold and over $20 million in sales, being awarded top office producer and ranked in the top 1% companywide.”

Gorman and her husband Dan, recently welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Lucas James.

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