Angie Wozniak, Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Midwest Lending


Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” For Chicago’s Angie Wozniak, vice president of mortgage lending at Midwest Lending, her opportunity to begin again came after a rocky start in real estate.

“I was a ‘failed’ real estate agent,” Wozniak laughs, in her trademark down-to-earth and transparent style. “I didn’t know many people buying, because I was so young — only 21 — and I found right away that most of the lenders I met were too transactional. Plus, I didn’t see a strong female presence in lending.” So, the path became clear: She felt drawn to using her so-called “millennial” background and strengths in technology and social media, while pushing back against old-school mindsets that dictated that buyers “needed” 20 percent down, or should avoid mortgage insurance and certain loan programs.

“We roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes for a job well done, great customer service and clear, consistent communication,” Wozniak says of her grit-powered work style. In fact, the “whatever it takes” approach is working beautifully for Wozniak, winning her the Midwest Lending Platinum sales award for surpassing $20 million in sales volume. From her early days struggling in real estate to today’s challenges with COVID and other factors, she has one key trait: adaptability.

“I understand how to evolve with the times,” Wozniak explains. “I embrace change, and I’m results-driven and detail-oriented in everything I do.” Those details include a three-step process for buyers that ensures maximized savings, best possible rates and complete confidence for her buyer clients.

“My clients know I work hard for them and that they aren’t a paycheck or a transaction to me,” Wozniak remarks of her approach to communicating with and empowering her buyers. “These are living, breathing individuals at a huge milestone, and I honor and respect that while also being authentic.”

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