Wil Soppe, VP Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate Affinity

Wil Soppe, a vice president of mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate Affinity, always puts himself in his clients’ shoes, irrespective of how large or small the transaction.

It’s a strategy that has helped propel his career upward for the last 27 years. “This helps me to remember exactly how important the transaction is to them,” he says. “Also, I actually enjoy all of the numbers involved. I guess I’m a bit of a math geek.”

That attention to detail has served him well in the business of home financing, but while he notes that purchasing a home is a serious matter, he tries to lighten the mood with an occasional joke. “There are always opportunities to keep things light and [appropriately] infuse humor into the process; connecting with clients on a personal level allows me to make the appropriate financing recommendations.”

Education is key, according to Soppe, who says home financing is often new territory for clients. That’s why Soppe makes himself available to answer all their questions in a timely manner. His concise explanation of the process allows clients to move through the process confidently, he says.

And with his years of experience, Soppe is not easily stumped by unusual scenarios. “There are very few situations I haven’t seen,” he says. “This allows me to offer quick, but accurate, solutions.”

He notes that the greatest professional accomplishment is their praise and repeat business after the process is complete, he notes. “Our business can be very rewarding financially, but when clients take the time to write sincere thank-you notes after closing, it is beyond a feel-good moment,” he says.

These interactions lay the groundwork for the long-term relationships Soppe has built over the course of his career — relationships that open the door for him to coach clients on what they need to do to get future financing. “If you cannot get financing now, we will coach you on what to do to get into position three, six or 12 months from now — whatever timeframe it takes,” he says.

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