Qamar Group: Suburban Team


Jeremy Schwab, Broker

Jana Pierce, Senior Broker and Director of Operations

Rafay Qamar, Principal Broker and Team Lead

Gianna Sparacio, Leasing Agent

Eric Wicencyjusz, Senior Broker

A one-stop-shop for buyers, sellers, local and international investors, rehabbers, and renters, the Qamar Group has structured its team for success, with every member on track to complete their Real Estate Negotiation Expert designation. “Our clients trust us to get the best deals for them,” says Rafay Qamar, principal broker and team lead. “That’s why they hire us.”

The team, made up of Qamar, Jana Pierce, Eric Wicencyjusz, Jeremy Schwab and Gianna Sparacio, is focused on single-family homes and new construction in the North Shore and in the near north and northwest suburbs.

Working together helps each of them achieve more in an average day than they possibly could on their own. Senior brokers coach and mentor new team members; the operations division handles transaction management, client care, database management and scheduling; the inside sales division ensures the phone is always ringing and appointments are being set; and the marketing team creates cutting-edge materials and branding. All of the assistance behind the scenes allows each broker to spend more time in front of customers, building relationships and helping clients achieve their real estate goals.

Combined with its city team, Qamar Group closed more than 180 transactions in 2019, from individual parking spots to a $3.5 million single-family home in Glencoe to a more than 60-unit apartment complex. “Clients benefit from our massive combined skill set,” Wicencyjusz says. “They are always quick to mention our respect for them and our peers in the industry, our willingness to go above and beyond, and our dedication to their best interests.”

To give back, the team supports Best Buddies Illinois, a nonprofit organization that serves individuals with disabilities.

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