Aida Joseph, Managing Broker and Principal

Nea Maya Real Estate & Development LLC

Not everyone can picture what new construction will look like from the blueprints, but Aida Joseph’s clients can. An award-winning designer, Joseph’s ability to help clients visualize a space and guide them through the design process adds real value to the broker-client relationship.

“Having such a passion for home design and speaking to so many people every day, along with keeping up with home design trends, really allows me to understand exactly what appeals to buyers and what makes one home more desirable than another,” says Joseph, managing broker and principal with Nea Maya Real Estate & Development LLC, a company she owns and operates with her husband, Zach, a developer. Fluent and culturally conversant in English, Arabic, French and Assyrian, she is able to connect with clients on a personal level.

In 2017, Joseph was the only designer in Illinois to win an award in a nationwide contest sponsored by Crystal Cabinets where she was recognized for excellent design, use of space and creativity. And with Nea Maya, Joseph has gone from a one-woman show to a staff of eight employees in a matter of months.

Joseph’s most recent project, a townhome community called Luxury on Lincoln in Skokie, was an enormous success, but it wasn’t preordained. When deciding whether or not to list Luxury on Lincoln herself or pass it on to a larger firm, she interviewed a number of top-producing brokers. She recalls many of them telling her she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own, without a large firm and big advertising budget. Rather than be deterred, she was motivated to prove everyone wrong and she did.

“I sold 75 percent of it all on my own, without a marketing team, without assistance and without a big brand backing me up,” she says. “I did it because several high-producing brokers told me I couldn’t.”

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