Ami Bumia, Real Estate Consultant

Fulton Grace Realty

Those in the real estate industry know how crucial it is to keep a client happy from start to finish. But Ami Bumia takes it a step further, treating clients like family and making sure they know they mean much more to her than just a deal.

As a real estate consultant for Fulton Grace Realty, Bumia serves clients throughout the Chicago market and typically works with sellers and investors. Since she has built her business over the course of 15 years, many of her clients have returned to her having gone through some major life changes along the way. When a client wishes to offload personal and investment properties and move into a single-family home, Bumia is there to help them through the transition.

Since getting her start in the industry, Bumia has also served on some of the city’s most successful development teams. Working with projects such as the West Loop’s Skybridge and Museum Park towers gives Bumia a variety of experience that is often difficult to find.

Throughout her career, Bumia has worked to find unique and effective ways to market her business. Recently, she found an alternative outlet through Instagram. “The largest population of buyers are millennials, and this is their preferred way to communicate, shop and browse,” she says. “This method of marketing helps me to figure out what is important to them and why.” Through her breadth of experience, Bumia is able to help Generation Y navigate tricky questions, such as whether to buy or rent.

Bumia knows that purchasing a home is so much more than just a transaction — it’s a major life decision. That’s why she works hard to make sure clients end up with a home that won’t just be a building with four walls, but rather a place where families can thrive. Clients say she is a consummate professional who helps them navigate concerns with a sense of energy and confidence that is truly contagious.

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