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Mary Cook

Mary Cook

Mary Cook

Founder and President | Mary Cook & Associates

Mary Cook found her footing in real estate 28 years ago, alongside the prestigious partnership of Jack Childs and Gene Dreyfus as a project designer. Now, as owner of Mary Cook & Associates, a full service interior architecture and design firm, she has been recognized with hundreds of homebuilding awards, including two SAM Awards and two MAME Awards received this year, and Golf Inc’s 2008 Clubhouse of the Year award for the design work the company completed at Evanston Golf Club in Skokie.

“Clients come to us because of our ability to understand demographics and meet objectives, not just creating beautiful interiors, but going beyond that to create spaces that help make sales, increase buyer traffic, enhance resident experience, facilitate member retention, foster activity and encourage wellness,” said Cook. “After over 25 years in the industry and thousands of successful installations, a ‘secret sauce’ to creating powerful and impactful interior environments has emerged. I am passionate about sharing this message with consumers and professionals alike and am planning on completing a book this year, which I hope will lead to a host of new opportunities.”

Cook stays busy by getting involved in her three children’s activities, loves to play tennis and enjoys watching and participating in sports of all kinds. In addition, cooking and entertaining are an important part of life in her very social neighborhood.

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