Tiffany Andreae

Tiffany Andreae

Senior Mortgage Planner
Wintrust Mortgage

Tiffany Andreae credits her successful mortgage career to her thoroughness and personal support of clients. Throughout her 25 years in the industry, Andreae, who works as a senior mortgage planner at Wintrust Mortgage, has received many awards, but it is her pride in helping that keeps her going strong. “Each client has a unique set of circumstances,” she says. “It is my role to thoroughly answer questions and review options.  My clients appreciate my responsiveness and how deeply I care for their personal situation.”

Over her career, Andreae’s market has expanded to cover all of Chicagoland’s northwest suburbs and a contingent in southern Wisconsin. She prides herself on the depth of her mortgage financing knowledge and her skill at including financial planners and certified public accountants in the dialogue. “It’s different components of the same picture,” she explains. “By incorporating the financial planner and CPA, we can create the best home purchase plan.” It’s these skills and dedication that land her the many referrals from past clients, friends and neighbors. “I am always most honored when friends and neighbors select my services,” she says. “Knowing they trust my knowledge and professionalism shows great respect and I am grateful for that.”

When she isn’t busy financing mortgages, Andreae is dedicated to her family and volunteer projects within her community. “I am a proud hockey mom of two and have been known to conduct business at hockey rinks across the Midwest,” she says. In addition to hockey and spending time with her family, Andreae is involved with the nonprofit Samaritan Counseling Center and the Barrington Junior Women’s Club and various PTO activities for Barrington District 220.

Andreae’s real estate work is a passion and a calling. “Mortgage lending may seem like a straightforward and simple process, but each client is like a puzzle,” she says. “Some are a clear and concise assembly, but others take patience and considerable analysis to determine how the pieces will best fit. It’s critical to have extensive knowledge of available programs and underwriting guidelines to determine how they best mesh with a client’s needs.”

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