Lindsey Schendel, Broker, Main Street Real Estate Group

Lindsey Schendel

Main Street Real Estate Group

As a broker for Main Street Real Estate Group, Lindsey Schendel works with buyers, sellers, in- and out-of-state investors and renters within the greater Chicagoland area, consistently delivering her best to produce results for every client. “Every sale is an accomplishment,” she says. “And every happy client that comes from the sale is why I do what I do.”

Schendel attributes her success in part to her relatability. Five years into her real estate career, she cares about her clients on a personal level and works to help them feel comfortable and at ease during the entirety of the process. “I always strive to find a common ground between me and the other person,” she explains. “I will make myself vulnerable if that means connecting on a deeper level.” She’s also always quick to answer any questions that might come up, squashing small issues to help keep her clients’ anxiety at bay. “They my clients would say I am a great communicator,” Schendel says.

In the last year, Schendel became chair of the Chicago Association of Realtors’ Young Professionals Network, calling the appointment one of her biggest accomplishments. “The ability to lead the future of our industry and follow in the footsteps of all the past chairs and members has been huge for me,” she says. She was also a top 50 candidate for Realtor magazine’s 30 Under 30 list, and led the Chicago chapter of YPN to win the YPN Network of the Year award.

On top of her work at the office and with the YPN, Schendel is also heading a fundraiser for All Chicago, a charity devoted to ending homelessness in the city, and volunteers at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago. Schendel also enjoys gymnastics, and says she can still do six flip-flops in a row. She may be one of the few brokers who can literally bend over backwards for her clients.

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