The Boss Team

The Boss Team
Dream Town Realty

Nathan Binkley
John Vossoughi
Kevin Binkley
Carolyn Parks
Brandon Franczek

To achieve your full potential, you have to be willing to take risks. The Boss Team — which consists of Nathan Binkley, John Vossoughi, Kevin Binkley, Carolyn Parks and Brandon Franczek — knows this all too well, and took a major risk last year in moving their team over to Dream Town Realty. It’s never easy changing companies, but for the Boss Team the move paid off big time.

In fact, the switch to Dream Town has helped the team achieve their goal of over $451 billion in sales. Okay, not really — anyone who’s seen their bus, bench or billboard ads boasting this number has probably done a double take, only to see the “Just kidding! That’s ridiculous” disclaimer right underneath. The tongue-in-cheek advertising speaks to the laid-back, friendly attitude that The Boss Team brings to every transaction. “I understand that buying and selling real estate can be and usually is a stressful process. I try to be there to talk through what my clients are feeling, and provide practical advice on how to get through certain difficult situations,” Vossoughi says. “I think my clients can feel my authenticity when I communicate with them, and I believe that’s created some success for me.” A little levity can go a long way, especially when backed up by the sort of professional expertise the Boss Team brings to the table.

So while they haven’t reached $451 billion in sales volume (at least not yet), the Boss Team has achieved some impressive results. Several of their team members boast list price-to-sale price numbers of over 100 percent, as well as a slew of quick turnarounds, often under a month. Others have won prestigious professional awards and individual honors as $10 million-plus producers. The bottom line is that, no matter which team member you work with, you can be confident you’ll be getting excellent service in a stress-free setting. The team is also flexible and willing to accommodate a number of different buyers and sellers, from professional investors, to luxury buyers, to first-time homeowners. In fact, according to Vossoughi, there seems to be only one constant among the Boss Team’s clientele: “They’re the best clients ever!”

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