Magdalena “Mags” Lybolt


Magdalena “Mags” Lybolt

Principal Broker
Prime Real Estate & LifStyl Real Estate

Magdalena “Mags” Lybolt became a real estate broker to remedy a deficiency. Originally a real estate investor with her future husband, Lybolt started out in home flipping, and from there became an advisor and consultant to fellow investors on larger-scale projects. As she worked with more brokerages, however, Lybolt noticed a disturbing pattern. “I realized that most companies were all the same,” she says. “They provided insufficient support and training for their agents.”

So Lybolt became a broker herself, and now oversees Prime Real Estate to not only solve those problems, but to also provide a better quality of life for her company’s agents. “Our purpose is to challenge the dated standards of the real estate business. It’s to push the status quo and leave the antiquated practices behind,” she explains. “We continuously improve areas of the industry that have not been touched in decades. More importantly we will address and battle those challenges for the life of our company to support and elevate our team.”  Lybolt continues to be a power agent herself, claiming the Top 1% Award from the Chicago Association of Realtors.

And Lybolt’s company has grown spectacularly in those pursuits. Prime Real Estate’s business has doubled over the last year, and the company now serves hundreds of real estate brokers across four states. The key to that success, Lybolt explains, is her specialty in marketing, which was the focus of both her formal education at Indiana University and her corporate assignments early in her career.

“Our firms have found their niche in marketing, which is one of the primary reasons for our explosive growth,” Lybolt says. “We have developed exposure-based products such as Product 19+, which submits listings to 23 different MLSs; SubmitBolt, which places listings on thousands of websites; ViewBoost, which offers professional photography services, including drone and 3D imagery; and RoostFindr, a consumer-driven real estate search portal. All of those products get our clients the absolute most exposure than any firm in the industry.”

A mother to two young boys, Lybolt and her family are members of both Faith Church in Dyer, Indiana and Park Community Church in Chicago, and they volunteer with both the Pink Ribbon Society and Kids Hope USA. In her free time, Lybolt enjoys running, going to the gym, and having a night out on the town with friends.

Thanks to AtWater Apartments for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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