Jennifer Brown


Jennifer Brown

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator
Fifth Third Mortgage

Industry leader Jennifer Brown sets the standard for exemplary work in loan origination. In April 2016 she broke Fifth Third Mortgage’s record for most closed loan volume in a single month, a goal she was determined to attain. She is also well on her way toward setting the company record for loan volume this year. With experience in lending spanning a decade and a half, she is also a two-time member of the Fifth Third Bank President’s Circle and a 2014 recipient of the Curious Banker Award. “Homeownership is still the American Dream and the biggest investment most people will make,” Brown says. “Being part of that special experience is what keeps me going and makes me strive to continuously exceed my own expectations.”

Brown’s Realtor father encouraged her to consider a career in loan origination after she completed her psychology degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has since established herself as an expert in physician loans, including experienced buyers who have become repeat clients. “Many homebuyers who are physicians did not think it was possible to obtain a loan, and thought they would be forced to pay a higher amount for rent than what a mortgage would cost; however, we were able to make homeownership happen for them,” she explains. “I count every medical student who has not yet graduated, but has been able to secure home financing, as a success story.”

Much of Brown’s outstanding reputation is attributable to her communication skills, strong work ethic, and palpable enthusiasm for her profession. “I always stay focused on the fact this is about helping people purchase a home, and that’s what keeps me inspired,” she says. She also points out how important it is to look at the bright side of every situation, because optimism can only lead to success and happiness. As she believes, “Everything will always work out as it should.”

Brown supports the charities her company sponsors, like the United Way, as well as those benefitting special needs children. Her family never fails to motivate her since most of them, including her father, husband, brother, and sister, are either Realtors or in lending. “We inspire one another to work harder and smarter every day, and we constantly challenge each other,” she says. She also credits her mother’s strength as a driving force in her life. Brown is also an avid reader, and finds inspiration from female authors like J.K. Rowling and Jane Austen. Like them, she loves her career. “This is what I was meant to do,” she says, “and I’m so fortunate to have found my calling.”

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