Shimmy Braun


Shimmy Braun

Senior Vice President – Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate

Like father, like son. That may be an old adage, but it’s quite appropriate in the case of Shimmy Braun. His father inspired his career choice because he always wanted to follow in the senior Braun’s footsteps. His father had achieved success as a commercial mortgage lender, and today Braun structures financing for individuals who seek to either purchase or refinance a home. “I started as an assistant to some of the most successful loan officers in the country,” he says when describing his career path. “I’m proud that I’ve gone from being an assistant to being one of the Top 3 originators in Illinois over the past five years.”

Braun credits his accomplishments largely to his integrity, which translates to his honest and consistent communication with clients. Those attributes, he says, have always been hallmarks of his business approach, even before government regulations mandated high ethical standards in the industry. Braun is supported by a great team, and he surrounds himself with the top realtors and attorneys in the industry. “We join together as a force to simplify what otherwise can be a daunting process for most buyers.”

Moreover, Braun’s ingenuity placed him ahead of the curve in the lending industry, another reason for his incredible ascent as an originator. “I committed to dropping my profit margins and sharing my profit with clients to help them pay their closing cost,” he explains, pointing out that he started doing this around the turn of the century. “I believe that I was a pioneer in this approach in the Chicagoland market, and today I see other lenders following my example. This has ultimately made a big difference for homebuyers because it’s saved them thousands of dollars.”

The father of four and an avid photographer, Braun’s experience in structuring home financing spans nearly two decades. The Scotsman Guide places him in the top 10 of loan officers nationwide, and he has originated more than $1.5 billion in mortgages over his career. “I aim to ensure a high-quality process for buyers, investors and anyone who seeks my help,” he says, “and I do that by making sure that they receive the best rate and service that I can deliver.”

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