Christina Ewing


Christina Ewing

Senior Loan Officer
Prospect Mortgage

In an industry like real estate that can experience unexpected market shifts, Senior Loan Officer Christina Ewing remains focused and motivated thanks to marrying two of her greatest sources of enjoyment: her career and yoga. The latter, she says, keeps her calm, cool and collected so that she can fulfill her professional responsibilities and remain an exemplar in her field. Given her success over the past 13 years, Ewing’s strategy obviously works. Her ability to meet the demands of both her job and the homebuyers depending on her has merited the respect of colleagues and clients, which is why she has been honored as Prospect Mortgage’s Top Producer in the Midwest.

A primary reason for the high praise she continues to garner is Ewing’s unique ability to create connections with Realtors and buyers thanks to her expert communication skills. “I take responsibility to keep all parties informed when I’m handling the financing for a transaction and this eliminates a lot of unnecessary stress,” she says. Ewing also understands that establishing meaningful client relationships necessitates gaining their trust. This is why she and her team diligently strive to assure them that they are in the excellent hands of experts who want to make buying a home as streamlined and efficient a process as possible.

Furthermore, Ewing points out that effective communication requires making herself highly accessible. For example, she says, “I try to be available well before and after business hours as well as on the weekend.” She credits much of this drive to the inspiration of her Chicago real estate colleagues. “If I ever want to improve myself in any way professionally, then there are people all around me I can take notes from,” says the loan professional who also mentors newcomers to her field by sharing the best practices she has learned over time.

Ewing equates a career in real estate to independence and freedom because her success hinges on her own self-determination. “I love that,” she explains, “and I’m extremely passionate about my work,” which her ability to close loans on time and deliver outstanding customer service make clear.

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