Mary Cook


Mary Cook

Mary Cook Associates, Inc.

Few people have made their mark as far and wide as Mary Cook. Since the foundation of the interior design firm in 1986, Mary Cook Associates has shown steady, dramatic growth, expanding in volume, scope and geography. Her work includes public and private projects, from golf course clubhouses and senior living communities to condominiums and single-family homes.

This year alone, Cook’s firm will provide interior design services for more than 60 model homes across 17 states, along with several golf and recreational facilities.

After years of analyzing what works best in interior design, she synthesized her philosophy into seven principles of design, which she collectively named “The Art of Space.”

“The Art of Space” has evolved into the cornerstone of Mary Cook Associates’ methodology. In 2012, Cook started work on the book version of “The Art of Space.” It is set for publication later this year.

“I know that interior design is more than something pretty to look at, but great interior design can actually improve the quality of life of the people who experience it. It really can change
lives,” Cook says. “I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times. I hope that ‘The Art of Space’ will help people develop their sense of design, improve the quality of their lives and experience the exhilaration of creativity.”

Cook’s greatest rewards of her career are hearing compliments from her clients, as well as seeing tangible results, like sales increases in restaurants, clubs and new homes.

“When clients and their customers tell you that you’ve had an impact on their lives, it just doesn’t get any better than that,” she continued.

Her plans are to further the tenets of great design as embodied in “The Art of Space,” and to consistently improve lives through her design.

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