Real Estrange

Enjoy many starry nights in this Pennsylvania home

When a quaint home in Conestoga, Pennsylvania, hit the market recently, the listing went viral. Illustrated in the style of Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” the walls are colored with vibrant, swirling hues.

If these walls could moo…

In Orchard, Nebraska, an old barn has found new life as a three-bedroom house. E

Massive Manhattan townhouse for sale — swimming pool included

Renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman made headlines when he listed his Upper West Side town house for $17.5 million.

Historic Indiana firehouse seeks new purpose

A former firehouse with historic roots is for sale in Connersville, Indiana. Located near near the old McFarlan automobile plant, it sits in one of America’s first industrial parks.

Houston townhouse for sale — perfect for entertaining F·R·I·E·N·D·S

Ever wanted to cook in Monica’s kitchen? Hang out on the Central Perk couch with a cup of joe? This “Friends” home, furnished with colorful set replicas, has it all.

Take this Illinois ‘dome home’ for a whirl

Just an hour from outer Chicago, sits a spaceship-like structure: Illinois’ famous rotating house.

Luxury Colorado lodge for sale — and it comes with the town

In Saguache, Colorado, a monument to the Old West is for sale. Dubbed Old Cow Town, the property is a frontier replica, complete with a luxury lodge.

Find a new kind of sanctuary in Winfield, Kansas.

A converted church in South Central Kansas city of Winfield, is for sale, offering a unique sanctuary to potential buyers.

In upstate New York, a fairy-tale home awaits

Once upon a time in upstate New York … an enchanting tower stands. And the unique piece of real estate is up for sale.

Illinois ‘Goth Home’ goes viral — and it’s for sale

You’ve heard of Gothic architecture … but what about goth architecture? A certain listing in Lincoln, Ill. is trending for its shocking black exterior.

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