Chloe Reynolds, Real Estate Broker, Compass, Lincoln Park

by Emily Mack

Number of years in real estate:

Describe your look:
I would describe my style as elevated classics with trend influences.

What do you consider a “fashion don’t”?
I am very anti-Crocs. I understand the whole comfort first thing, but I am certain there are comfortable options out there that don’t look like a cartoon slipper.

What style has come back into fashion that shouldn’t have?
Low rise jeans. I don’t think they flatter any body type!

What item of clothing gets you the most compliments?
I have green, knee-high Shutz boots that get a ton of compliments. They’re such a fun way to bring a pop of color and texture to my outfits.

What is a fashion crime you have committed in the past?
I’m definitely a trend follower so you name it, and I’ve probably done it. In high school I would wear kitten heel pumps with flared low-rise jeans paired with a double-layered spaghetti strap shirt and big chunky jewelry. I thought I looked like an Olsen twin. It’s so funny to look back on.

Where are your favorite clothing stores or brands?
I love shopping on Revolve. Their return policy is amazing and they have all the brands I love, Free People, Acne, superdown, NBD, MOTHER Denim.

What fashion accessory do you feel naked without?
A diamond necklace that is simple and adds the perfect amount of sparkle to my outfits.

Who is your style icon?
This question stumped me. I don’t really have one. I think Hailey Bieber has great street style, but she’s not a style icon to me. I get a lot of my inspo from Instagram. It’s funny, we don’t really flip through magazines anymore to figure out the trends. It’s all online!

What decade or time period had the best fashion in your opinion?
I love little things from every decade. I love the silhouettes from the ’50s, the ’70s had boho, which I love, ’80s had so much color. The ’90s were indescribably cool.

What’s the most expensive or meaningful accessory or piece of clothing you’ve ever acquired? Do you still have it?
I have a T-shirt my dad made with puffy paint a few years before he passed away. It’s filled with holes and basically see through at this point, but I wear it whenever I miss him, and it makes me feel connected to him.

What item in your closet do you wear the most?
I have a camel coat I wear practically every day in the fall and spring.

Does your style reflect your personal brand? If so, how?
I think it does! I consider my brand to be polished and on-trend but also fresh and unique. I think my style reflects those things.

What is your style advice for other people in the industry?
Dress to impress! When you wear clothes that you feel confident in, you shine from the inside out. Our clients are making a massive purchase, even at the lowest price points, and we should be always dressing for that role. When I first got started in real estate, I would buy a suit after every closing. It was a $500 investment that I could wear to showings or open houses that made me feel like I looked the part and WAS that successful realtor I wanted to be. Clothes are an investment that pay us back tenfold.

Dress – Veronica Beard, shoes – Shutz, necklace – Top Shop, earrings – Bottega Veneta

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