Ardit Dizdari, Realtor, @properties

by Chicago Agent

Number of years in real estate:

Describe your look:
My friends will laugh and say “Euro,” I would say Euro with some preppy influences.

What do you consider a “fashion don’t”?
Birkenstocks with socks — Crocs with or without socks

What style has come back into fashion that you think shouldn’t have?
Bucket hats!

What item of clothing gets you the most compliments?
Usually my watches

What is a fashion crime you have committed in the past?
Untucked dress shirt with skinny tie and ripped bootcut jeans, big belt buckle … all at the same time = Y2K

Where are your favorite clothing stores or brands?
I’m not attached to a specific brand. It’s all about fit, style and comfort. I like to shop at different stores and mix high and low items.

What fashion accessory do you feel naked without? 
I can’t go out without a watch.

Who is your style icon? 
I grew up in Albania in the ’90s watching a lot of old European movies and TV, particularly Italian and French with actors like Alain Delon. They had a certain effortless sense of style.

What decade or time period had the best fashion in your opinion?
The ’60s — sharp suits, fitted pants and great sweaters.

What’s the most expensive or meaningful accessory or piece of clothing you’ve ever acquired? Do you still have it?
My father bought a German watch in the 60s and it was only one [he had] until he retired it in the ’90s. He gifted it to me when I moved to the States.

Pants & Jacket: Ted Baker, Shirt: 14th & Union, Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini, Belt: Penguin, Watch: Tufina Watches

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