My true best friend

by Agent X

Friends may come and go, but luxury will always be there for you. No matter which way the wind blows or what way the tide turns, you can always count on luxury to cheer you up in some way, shape or form. Even if you can’t afford it, luxury still exists and laughs in your face. So, go ahead and dive into the cover story and swim around in all that luxury. Then come back and read all the gossip that’s fit to print below.

Staci Yesner of Compass shared a public service announcement on our most trusted source of communication recently: Facebook. She had a scare when her CO detector woke everyone in her house out of a deep slumber. Turns out a burner on her stove was leaking carbon monoxide. I guess my Nest thingies serve as more than just nightlights? But let me put on my serious hat for a moment (it’s super cute, actually): word to the wise, fire alarms aren’t the only alarms needed for houses. Glad to hear everyone is safe at the Yesner house, especially the pooch, Wrigley.

Speaking of pooches, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago is giving people a chance to win a pint-sized, customized replica of their own home. The miniature homes will be made special for the owner’s furry — or not so furry, in the case that you own one of those creepy, Austin Powers hairless cats — friend in the company’s Pawfect Home Sweepstakes.

Megan Mawicke traveled to Colorado to take part in the @properties Summit, where she rubbed elbows with top agents from all over the world. She also toured a $75 million property. Now that’s luxury, and next on my list for places to visit.

As I sit and write this column staring out the window at what looks to be a beautiful, sunny Chicago day, I can’t help but think back to three days ago when it was snowing. Gotta love spring in Chicagoland, and how about those spring babies? Happy birthday to Nicole Fabiano-Oertel and Justin Lopatin on May 2, Leslie Struthers will celebrate on May 3, and Frank Quintero and Susie Pearson share a May 4 bday. Nykea Pippion McGriff gets a shoutout on May 6, Sam Powell will get lots of love on lucky number 7, while Danielle Dowell and Eve Benton will get their love on May 9. Raise a glass to Katherine Sather on May 10, then spread the attention evenly among Mimi Harpur, Brett Decker, Jonthan McCulloch and Aviva Parker on May 12. Doug Horwich is extra lucky to celebrate on Friday the 13th, while Carrie McCormick will party down on May 14. Shelly Celak doesn’t have to share her May 19 birthday with anyone on my list, while Glen Tomlinson and Jim Chittaro will pop some bubbly on May 20. Let’s round up Jamie Franz, Amir Syed, Juany Honeycutt and John Ristau to celebrate their May 21, 22, 23 and 24 birthdays, respectively. Karen Ranquist celebrates on May 28, and then we’ll just skip over the rest of May and honor Matt Wasik on June 4. Last, but very far from least, is Thad Wong and Michael Pierson, who will get lots of high-fives on their shared June 5 bday.

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