Lend me your ears

by Agent X

Ah, the annual CA lending issue. This one is one of my favorite and least favorite topics in the industry. As much as I’d love every single one of my deals to be cash only, that doesn’t happen. When it comes to actual math and crunching numbers, I prefer to farm that out to others, which is why I truly appreciate all of my favorite lenders and often send them edible arrangements and other tasty noshes. As for why I don’t like this issue, all that talk of percentages and earnest money and underwriting makes me want to lay down on the floor and take a little cat nap. In fact, a siesta sounds quite lovely right now. However, the gossip isn’t going to share itself, so I’ll wait a little bit to catch my 40 winks.

Cover girl and top producer Julie Busby is ready to share the wealth with her annual Referral Rewards program. For every referral in 2021, she tossed a name in a hat for a raffle, and I’d love to know what kind of chapeau, since Julie has amazing style. This year she is giving away a quarterly houseplant subscription! I can’t keep a houseplant alive for more than two months, so this is exactly the kind of service I need.

Kim Offord of Fathom Realty can now add author to her already multi-hyphenate name and title. Her new book “Fear and Gratitude Can’t Coexist” is now available on Amazon. She wants to be sure you know that the book is for more than just Realtors. In fact, it’s for YOU! Experience what Kim has learned about life and how to live it fully … either in paperback or Kindle form.

Residential mortgage specialist Linda Scott from Wintrust is spreading love throughout the world and directing it toward the folks who are stopping the spread of flames throughout Chicago. Her team delivered butter cookies from Lutz Bakery to 11 firehouses throughout the city to bring attention to the Public Safety Officer Home Buyer Assistance Program, where first responders get an extra 1% toward the purchase of their new home.

Let’s keep all this good cheer going with some March birthday wishes. David Cieslak celebrates on March 7, while Katrina Schmitt and Landon Harper share their big day on the 10th. Sandesh Bilgi will for sure have an amazing party in honor of his March 15 bday and might invite Tammy Hajjar Miller to honor her March 19 day. Mary Summerville, whose billboard picture is always smiling, will get even happier on March 20. Melissa Archer-Wirtz will raise a glass on March 21, Michelle Bobart on March 22, and Peter Moulton, Matt Laricy, Matt Silver and Isaac Parker will get more distinguished on March 24. Marissa Lanzito and Judy Greenberg share a March 28 bday, while Peter Olesker and Deena Zimmerman scrape by in the month of March on the 29th and 30th, respectively. The following lucky folks have the honor of getting wiser and getting tricked on the same day with their April 1 births: Kai Schirmacher, Mike Vesole, Andrea Geller, Kim Hay Keefe and Nick Libert. Last on my list but not even close to least are Cari Zweig-Driscoll on April 2 and Ellen Miller on April 3. Happy birthday and happy spring, everyone!

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