The agents have made their choice

by Agent X

Here we are at our annual Agents’ Choice Awards! If you don’t see your name in the cover story, better luck next year. Try harder and sell a little more, give a little more to charity, or dress a little better, and maybe you could be one of the lucky ones to grace the inside of these pages. You can also brag to all your friends. Maybe take a tip from the Oscars and purchase a full-page ad (in CA of course) asking for votes. Just a few insider tips to get that nomination next year. You’re welcome, as always. Whether or not you’re an Agents’ Choice Award winner, you still have an opportunity to show up in my column, so get out there and give me something to gossip about.

I didn’t realize that John C. Kmiecik of Century 21 in Oak Lawn was technically a “Little Monster,” but his status was confirmed when I found out he recently attended a Lady Gaga jazz and piano concert in Vegas. I wonder if John also lives for the “Applause” or if he prefers to “Just Dance.”

Rosalba Melendres is getting into the Halloween spirit with her recent spooky Instagram post. First a joke about witches, and then a promise that she’ll go the “hex-tra” mile to find a home that you’re “spellbound” by. Toss in some free candy, and you’re most definitely hired.

Lewis R. Jones, branch vice president at Coldwell Banker Realty in Oak Park, did a “blue cheese talk” for CB Inspires at Radio City Music Hall. I wish I had more information to share, but that’s all I heard by the water cooler, and it sounded too amazing not to mention. And sometimes I like to just make assumptions about what these things mean, which is often better than the real thing. I can’t wait to hear the goat cheese talk next.

It’s cold, gloomy and wet outside, and that means autumn in Chicagoland. So how about some fall birthday shoutouts! Michael “Turkey” Thanasouras gets older on Nov. 4, while Eileen “Acorn” Anderson celebrates on Nov. 5. Nov. 9 is a big day in real estate because it gave us Jim “Raincoat” Roth, Ryan “Rainy” Steele, Kevin “Gourd” Green, Mack “Almond Butter” Alsadi, Neena “November” Vlamis and Missy “Jack-O‘-Lantern” Jerfita. But don’t overlook Nov. 10, because that day belongs to Yoni “Yam” Pogofsky. Alex “Chestnut” Chaparro will get more distinguished on Nov. 12, and Craig “Harvest” Hogan and Sandra “Scarecrow” Snaidauf are lucky No. 13 November twinsies. Joe “Bale of Hay” Brocata, Jim “Mayflower” Miller and Alan “Leaves” Lev share a Nov. 14 birthday, while Steven “Scarf” Baird gets all the attention on Nov. 16. Ron “Rake the Leaves” Ruby will celebrate on Nov. 18, Steven “Boots” Baumann claims Nov. 19 and Paul “Pecan” Lazarre will raise a glass on Nov. 20. Noel “Cobweb” Christopher and Jenny “Apple Cider” Ames will be enjoying leftover turkey on their Nov. 26 birthday, and Allison “Maize” Ondrey-Malzone rounds out the month on November 29. And then, holy cow, it’s December and we’re almost done with 2021. But don’t forget to wish Marie “Daylight Savings” Davis and Terrie “Walnut” Whittaker a happy birthday on Dec. 1 and 2, respectively, and then pop over to wish Dan “December” Kieres and Erin “Equinox” Mandel a happy B-day on the 3rd. Buy a birthday shot for Kevin “Decorations” Dembinsky on Dec. 4, and then give Mike “Moonlit” Jones a birthday elbow bump on Dec. 6.

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