Love is in the air

by Agent X

You thought 2020 was a doozy of a year, how about that first month of 2021? Lots of changes in the ol’ country, including a new POTUS and a history-making Veep. That is all I will say on the topic, because as you know Agent X doesn’t have political views. Regardless of who you wanted to live in that big White House on Pennsylvania Ave, we’ve still made some history with the oldest president serving his first term and all the first things Madame VP is doing. Speaking of important changes in the world, what do you think of our new look/feel/format? We made you wait a whole month for the second issue of the year, so here’s hoping you like what you see. Inside the cover story you’ll get a chance to dive into all of that boring data and hear from top producers in Chicagoland. Truly a content match made in heaven, so on behalf of all of us at CA I’d like to say: you’re welcome.

Apparently, everyone was too busy selling real estate in January to engage in any gossip-worthy shenanigans. I’ve hit up my regular tattletales and stool pigeons and scoured social media but didn’t find much newsworthy info. However, somehow despite frigid temps and a global pandemic you guys are actually still getting business done. Good for you! All I can report is that everyone is eating a lot of food (I’m sporting an extra 15lbs of cushion myself to keep warm in the winter), baking a lot of things (see 15lbs of cushion), binging on TV (get thee to Bridgerton immediately), and so on and so forth.

One notable post I did come across was David Jablonowski (AKA the preppy Realtor) on Insta dressed up as the Bernie meme complete with puffer jacket, wool gloves and chair. I thought about dressing up as Lady GaGa and doing the same thing, but I couldn’t find a pin big enough to make it work.

Since it is indeed February and I used the word “love” in the title of my column I suppose I should circle back to Valentine’s Day. Candy hearts have been on the store shelves for three months already, so let’s get in the lovey dovey spirit and wish industry folks a lovingly happy birthday. Sadly no one on my list actually shares their big day with the Saint of all Valentines, but all of you have a special place in my cold heart nonetheless. Craig Achtzehn (gesundheit!) will party down on Feb. 2, while Sara Bonert and Amy Settich Strauss can clink champagne glasses on Feb. 4. Lane Sears and Kay Vargas share a Feb. 6 birthday, then Emily Santos, Art Schalk, Kelly Wong, and Hamza Ishaq can throw a big social distancing party for their special days on the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, respectively. Feb. 12 belongs to Laura Gaan, while Debra Kaden and Alice Chin are birthday twinsies on Feb. 18. Lewis Jones and his two last names can party on Feb. 19, or wait a few days to hang with Ginger Downs on the 21st and Kevin Kelly on the 22nd. Though if everyone is really patient they can get together with Graham Allen, David Kasprisin, and Jill Hare on Feb. 23. They should also reach out to Donna Crane, who is on her own on Feb. 24. I would say Happy Birthday to leap-year babies Linda Ryan and Joe Thouvenell, but the next leap year isn’t until 2024, so we’ll toast you then.

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