Open for business

by Agent X

Okay, so maybe right now we’re not doing a lot of open houses, and that makes sense. But eventually, we’re going to be back at it. And when we do hop back into the wonderful world of open houses, are you going to be ready? I’m still a firm believer in baking a batch of cookies before people arrive, but I’m sure the people in the cover story have more ideas. Not necessarily better, but certainly more. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to a rousing game of Never Have I Ever via Zoom with some industry friends. Oh wait, you probably want some gossip first. Let’s get that done and then it’s on to the cocktails and computers.

One thing we all miss right now is a good haircut. Especially those with amazing hair like Matt Dollinger. Luckily, he’s got a gem of a wife in Amanda, who posted a video of herself giving those lovely locks a good trim. Maybe she has a future in the hair care arena?

Carrie Jo Little and Marki Lemons-Ryhal went live on Facebook to explain why you shouldn’t give anyone a fax number for anything. Though my favorite part was the first 30 seconds where Marki may not have realized the “event” had started and was perusing her phone on air.

If you’ve run out of things to watch, check out the newly launched news broadcast from Lakeview’s sassy hot dog slingers at The Wiener’s Circle. Careful though, when I clicked for some hot dog chortles I was served up a warning that the video may not be appropriate from some users. Which means it’s most definitely worth the risk. After all, what’s NSFW mean when we’re all WFM?

Folks have really started to figure out creative ways to host parties and events without getting anywhere near each other. On April 16, the Women’s Council of Realtors held a virtual trivia night! They even had tickets available in advance. The best part of the night was there was never a line at the bar or the bathroom. Also, when I passed out in a corner from over serving myself, no one noticed.

It may not have been an event exactly, but Engel & Völkers “held” a white party on April 17th. Basically they posted an announcement on Twitter and asked folks to wear white and tag @EVAmericas, but I saw it as a clear invitation to mix myself a couple of white Russians in the middle of the day.

Lots of stay-at-home birthday celebrations to be had at the end of April and beginning of May! Be sure to drive by these homes and toss balloons and money out the window as you sing “Happy Birthday” at the top of your lungs for all to hear. First, zoom by Nancy Taylor and Steve McEwen on April 29, then cruise on over to Marty Winefield’s place on April 30. We can always hope that we can toast the May folks in person, but just in case, get the sidewalk chalk ready to draw cool pics for Justin Lopatin and Nicole Fabiano-Oertel on May 2. Check in on Leslie Struthers on May 3, and then don’t forget to shout out to Frank Quintero and Susie Pearson on May 4. Nykea Pippion McGriff and Sam Powell will celebrate their big days on May 6 and 7, respectively, and then Danielle Dowell and Eve Benton can give each other a toast six feet apart on May 9. They can give Katherine Sather a shout on May 10, or she can wait a couple days and party via computer with Mimi Harpur, Brett Decker, and Jonathan McCulloch on May 12.

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