Staying on the rails

by Agent X

Staying on the rails

When my editor sent me the description for this issue, there was something in it about managing brokers being the “linchpin” of a real estate office. This is a word that people aren’t using enough. And if you say it a bunch of times, it makes no sense. I went down an interwebs rabbit hole and discovered that the word describes a fastener used to prevent a wheel from sliding off an axle. That totally sums up in a nutshell what managing brokers do! Now that we’ve got that covered, see if you can’t manage to use that word in a sentence with your agents this coming week and make them impressed with your deep vocabulary. As usual, you’re welcome.

Now for the gossip. In case you were wondering why traffic has been so light lately, it’s because all the CPS folks were out for spring break. Well, they’re all back, so enjoy getting stuck behind the wheel again in the morning and middle of the afternoon. Coolest vacation locale? One agent told me she went to Egypt for the break.

If you see Danny Lewis around, make sure to ask to see his feet. Even if you’re not necessarily into feet (no judgement either way), you might just catch him in those new Zillow Preferred Agent socks he’s so proud of.

Dan Kieres may be the big boss at his new brokerage, but in between showings he’s basically a chauffeur to the little munchkins in his life. I recently saw a video of Dan running down the block in a full suit while pulling a wagon full of toddlers. Now that’s multitasking.

Melissa Govedarica welcomed her new grandson to the world on Tax Day. I couldn’t believe it either when I heard the news. Ms. Govedarica looks like she is barely old enough to have children, let alone grandchildren.

There are a lot of ways leaders work to build healthy relationships on their teams, and it turns out sweat equity is one of them. The Sarah Leonard Team proved this with a recent mid-day gym selfie. You know the old saying: The team that pumps iron together stays together.

I’m a bit light on the happenings around town in this issue, which I’m sure has nothing to do with me falling in a bush after a recent unnamed event. I will say that CA’s expert photog Dan Machnik is already shooting some Who’s Who candidates this month around town, and I may or may not be one of his subjects. Cool location shoots include places like 727 Madison, One Bennett Park and The Cooper.

Let’s get cracking on wishing our spring babies a happy birthday. Nancy Taylor and Steve McEwen share an April 29th birthday, while Marty Winefield will get a birthday balloon on April 30. Nicole Fabiano Oertel and Justin Lopatin share a May 2 birthday, and Leslie Struthers can do her own thing on May 3. Francisco Quintero and Susie Pearson should head out together to party on May 4. Nykea Pippion McGriff can thank her parents for her birth (and her cool name) on May 6, while Sam Powell may get lucky on May 7. Danielle Dowell and Eve Benton celebrate on May 9, and Katherine Sather gets down on May 10. Last, but not least, Mimi Harpur, Brett Decker, Jonathan McCulloch and Joe Caltabiano should toast their moms on their May 12 bdays, because not only did those moms bring them into the world on that day, but it also happens to be Mother’s Day.

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