Agent X: Can we talk about summer yet?

by Agent X


I feel like I’ve been blathering on about spring in this column for about three months. I just flipped my clock forward, and I managed to walk to the corner store with only 4 layers, so maybe it’s finally happening? And now we’re diving into the Spring New Construction issue, so while you’re reading about design trends, value propositions and smart-home technology, I’m going to be dreaming about summer.

Now, for those of you who goofed and forgot to snag your ticket to the Accelerate Summit on March 5: I could tell you all about the valuable stuff I learned, or I could just share some gossip. I think you know me well enough by now to guess which way I’m going to go with this. The Merchandise Mart was the perfect locale for the CA-hosted event, and the swag bags were sicker than average (you know I’m going to fill up that adorable piggy bank). And speaking of banks, I spotted Chase Chief Economist Dr. Anthony Chan, one of the expert speaker guys, at the after party! Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get him to join me in a round of shots. Of course, it wasn’t all liquor and rainbows; things did get a little tense at the lender panel when one brave soul challenged the idea that the various loan products really are all that different bank-to-bank. And if you believe the Instagrams, Tommy Choi’s scribbles during that panel on getting ready for shifting markets are ready to be hung in a gallery.

While everyone worked on de-accelerating their hangover from the summit the night before, Baird & Warner hosted the Ascend event for top producers on March 6 at 10 a.m. at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center. A little early for my blood, but I heard through the grapevine that it was a nice event.

Then on March 7, some Jameson folks made history at the company sales awards at the Chicago History Museum. And, keeping with the literal theme, I’d like to assume that they toasted their success with bottles of Jameson as well.

Spring showers can’t get these folks down on their birthdays! Tammy Hajjar Miller celebrates on March 19, while Mary Summerville will toast her big day on March 20. Melissa Archer Wirtz gets a shout-out for her March 21 birthday, while Michelle Bobart will party on March 22. Peter Moulton, Matt Laricy, Matt Silver and Isaac Parker are birthday quadruplets on March 24. I really think Scott Newman should see if he can join in on the fun, even though his bday isn’t until March 25. Marissa Lanzito, Judy Greenberg and Michael Meier will get turnt up on March 28, while Peter Olesker may have to be gentle with those three as they recover on his March 29 birthday. Last but very, very far (I mean, like, incredibly far) from least, Deena Zimmerman will party down on March 30.

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