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Real Estate Crowdfunding: What Every Investor Needs To Know

by Chicago Agent

Right now, real estate crowdfunding does not make up a large percentage of the Real Estate transactions that are conducted. However, that is quickly changing due to the ease of use found within this particular model of funding, along with the fact that it is a very accessible way of gaining access to capital, while also serving as a platform for marketing and creating further credibility. As a Real Estate professional, whatever your specific profession may be, you should keep an eye on these platforms, because they are becoming very popular, and rightfully so.

What Is “Real Estate Crowdfunding?”
Real Estate Crowdfunding is a method of investing that involves obtaining funds through multiple investors. Many of these investors are all around the country, due to the nature of these crowdfunding platforms, and all of these transactions are conducted online.

Why Should I Become A Part Of One Of These Platforms?
There are many reasons. One of which is that these crowdfunding platforms have many different investors, and you have access to all of them. Traditional funding options are very restrictive when it comes to who can, and can’t, invest in what you are proposing. But crowdfunding is very much the opposite, since anyone can invest in your project. This is further aided by the fact that, using Crowdfunding, you simply have far more options available to you. Along the same lines, bypassing the traditional means of obtaining capital and funding, especially in those early stages, means that there is less time spent on the process of going through those institutions, and more time actually making money.

Funding is one of the best reasons to become a part of these platforms. It’s incredibly easy to become a part of a crowdfunding platform that is suited for your purposes, and if you take the time to set up a good campaign, it isn’t hard to obtain the funding that you need, without all of the baggage that comes from going through a bank or any other institution that is in charge of investing capital or any other sort of funding or investing.

However, while funding is the main reason to become a part of these crowdfunding platforms, it isn’t the only reason. In fact, the second best reason is that crowdfunding can serve as a very powerful marketing tool for you. By having people invest in your project, this shows credibility on your part. Especially if you’ve used the platform before, and had success with it. People will see that, and they will know that you are credible, that you are true to your word, and that you have the skills to execute and succeed in the Real Estate Market.

Finally, the third reason is due to the enormous amount of simplicity that is found within these platforms. Using one of these platforms and having a successful crowdfunding campaign is quite a bit more simple than going through many other institutions. This is because the crowdfunding network that you join – whatever it may be – connects you with a large variety of investors, and all you need to do is create an elegant and visually engaging profile, while showcasing the returns that you are going to make and what it is, exactly, that you are doing.

Ultimately, the world of home buyers, real Estate investments, and buying houses has changed quite a bit in the last decade. We now have so many more opportunities for growth, investment, and purchasing, that we simply have no choice but to embrace them, because they are the future of Real Estate, and already, they have shown that they are just as effective – in many cases, even more so – than the old platforms and tools that we once used. We encourage you to embrace crowdfunding with open arms, and to try it out.

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