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by Chicago Agent


I’ve been waiting for an issue like this. The whole point of the cover story is to brag about yourself, which is something I’m really good at. I can sell salt to a slug, so selling something as great as myself is really easy. I could do it in my sleep. That’s the beauty of my job: I spend time convincing people to use my services, and that means telling them about the wonderful Agent X. I could spend pages explaining why I’m the best, but I’ll save that for my potential clients. Let’s move on to gossip. Another great way to toot your own horn, or the horns of others, is to send me gossip to print!

Christin Luckman of Guaranteed Rate rubbed her Greek vacation in our faces with lots of Instagram posts of delicious food and gorgeous scenery. If you didn’t already know, her Insta name is “MortgageBarbie.” Brilliant.

While Mortgage Barbie was hanging out in Greece, Wintrust’s Adam McLain (who should check and see if MortgageKen is still available) was traveling through Italy. In case you were wondering, he wasn’t using Uber.

Someone crashed Matt Laricy’s most recent video shoot and handed out caramels while blasting music. Mortgage Skipper, was that you?

The 2017 Chicago Agents’ Choice Awards finalists have been announced! We received many enthusiastic Facebook and Twitter comments about this year’s nominees. I love the passion in this industry, but some of you need to settle down. Winners will be announced at the Agents’ Choice Awards party on Oct. 17. For all those who can’t score an invite, we’ll post the winners in the Oct. 23 issue. While it’s always an honor to be nominated, trust me when I say winning is better.

Several agents enjoyed dinner and great conversation at Parker’s in Downers Grove for the Chicago Agent/Wintrust dinner series on Sept. 27. I question the number of drinks that were imbibed, because if the alcohol is properly flowing, the conversation often takes an interesting turn.

On Sept. 19, Emma Butler of LeaderOne and Jesse McGrath of @properties hosted a Twilight Broker Open House at a brand-new single-family home in Old Town. I promised my associate I wouldn’t share that she was worried she’d have to pick between team Jacob and team Edward before being let into the event, but I figure as long as I don’t reveal her name, then my promise is as good as kept.

It’s October, so how about some fall-inspired birthday wishes? Carol “Firepit” Flammer celebrates her b-day on Oct. 9, while Jenny “Juniper” Sepulveda celebrates on Oct. 10 and Beth “Blustery” Weller gets to blow out candles on Oct. 11. My favorite name ever makes another appearance, and I will not sully Maria Thanasouras with a silly nickname, though she does share her b-day with Ryan “Rustling” Wynia on Oct. 14. Kevin “Spooky” Serafin celebrates on Oct. 16, Christina “Brisk” Breuer will have some treats on Oct. 17, and Jon “Golden” Goldman gets to party on Oct. 20. I’m not sure what golden has to do with fall, but it was on my cheat sheet, so I’m sticking to it.

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