5 real estate lead generation no-nos

by Claire Fountas


In the world of real estate, it’s all about leads. However, leads mean nothing if you fail to generate them correctly. Here are five common lead generation mistakes to avoid if you want potential clients to become real clients.

Staying in one lane

All too often, agents stick to one marketing technique simply because they’ve done it before. Don’t rely only on practices like cold calling and regular mail to reach an audience. Potential clients will rarely take the next steps from these tactics alone. Diversify your options and you can find tap into a whole new audience.

No call to action

It’s easy for potential clients to see your ad or hear about your service, but they won’t actually do anything about it unless you ask them to. An effective piece of marketing will present a clear and concise call to action instead of simply listing your company services.

No target audience

Your budget for lead generation is much better spent on a specific audience, allowing you to engage with people you know you want as clients. Realtors are spending more money on marketing with Facebook, Google and other sites. When creating a marketing campaign, focus your efforts on particular areas or demographics to generate more seller and buyer leads.

Being vague about your services

Too many agents waste time by mentioning how reliable their services are or the fact that they have dependable employees. Those attributes should be a given anyway. When you’re pursuing leads, explain why a customer needs your service in the first place — for example, your knowledge of a certain neighborhood or industry segment.

Failing to pursue existing leads

It’s too easy to let a lead slip through your fingertips once you actually have it in hand. Follow-through is crucial. In order to maintain progress, develop a long-term plan to nurture the leads you have and make sure you’re disciplined about contacting them regularly.

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