Nailing the lead

by Chicago Agent


I think I’ve made it pretty clear in this column that I’m not only a veteran agent, but I’m an expert at most things. Not to toot my own horn or anything, it’s just the facts (toot toot). And, of course, that means I’m excellent at nailing leads. Where do those leads come from, you ask? I think the better question is, “Where don’t leads come from?” Every social interaction is an opportunity to store a lead in my magical black book, which you would probably refer to as an iPhone. Waiting in line at the bathrooms at Wrigley Field? Perfect opportunity to chat with others and sneakily inquire about their real estate needs. Walking your dog and spot a young couple staring a little extra hard at a house with a “For Sale” sign? You know what you’ve got to do. Go make some friends! Send me an email and I’m happy to share some more tricks. Or you can just send me some gossip. I like that even more.

I’ve got some good stuff to share this week, so thank you to all of my sources. I don’t have the details of what went wrong, but somehow Matt Laricy and his wife were recently comped an entire dinner at Margeaux before taking in a show. While that’s all well and good, were they able to find any leads while munching on free food?
Grace Goro is living the life. She had about seven guys trying to install a TV on her wall while she sat back and observed with a glass of wine. I can’t think of a better way to install a TV.

Like half of the Chicagoland area, the Game of Thrones theme song is stuck on repeat in my head. That’s why I’m impressed with John O’Neill and his decision to watch the premiere in the best way possible: on his rooftop outdoor TV. Did he install that TV himself or did he take the Grace Goro route?

Tommy Choi is definitely outnumbered now that his wife gave birth to their third daughter last week. Congrats!

Many agents found time to take in the Crosstown Classic, and show their true colors, be they red and blue or black and white. Mike Opyd and Val Sancrainte were among those spotted.

Brian Kaltsos has decided to add some new ink to his bod. He is now sporting a gigantic chest tattoo of armor. That certainly takes some guts, but at least he’ll always be protected. Next time you see him, ask him to take off his shirt for a glimpse.

I don’t have any events to report on this issue, and it’s not because I was told by the editors to lay low for a while due to some questionable behavior at recent events. I promise that’s not the reason. I just wanted to stay in and rewatch Game of Thrones. I plan to hit the town again in the next couple of weeks.

Birthdays! Susan Morrow and Lynn Reidl share an August 15th birthday, while Rita Unzner celebrates the day after on August 16. Brian Cumpton, not Compton like I want to call him, celebrates on August 18, while Dennis J. Papiernik and his middle initial celebrate August 21. Annie Betts will have a gigantic glass of red wine in honor of her milestone birthday on August 22, and perhaps she’ll toast with Neil Thakkar and Zachary Gasiorowski on the same day. Adam Lain and Mike LaFido will celebrate on August 23, while Michael Riesenbeck should have a glass of Riesling in honor of his August 24 birthday.

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