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I don’t know about you, but I love a good survey. The anonymous ones are especially fun, because you can tell everyone what you really think without any consequences. I’m always happy to tell people exactly what I think to their faces, but the neat thing about surveys is that they’re straight up asking for it!

Before you rush off to take another survey, let’s talk about some gossip. Sean Conlon’s show “The Deed” starts on March 29, so be sure to set your DVR if you haven’t already. While we’re on the topic of TV shows that need to be watched, “Chicago PD” filmed an episode inside Jenny Ames’ home! That episode will hit your TVs on April 26 at 9 p.m. Even if you’ve never seen the show, you have to tune in to see where Jenny lives.

I caught a glimpse of Tim Brigham lunching recently with State Sen. Iris Martinez. According to Tim, they talked about “Illinois and the issues at hand.” I’m sure they also talked about their busted brackets and perhaps how they prefer to eat their steak, but that doesn’t seem as important.

According to John Michael Graft, going back to basics means hatching 40 chickens. Apparently this is something he does in his free time? Some people have meals with senators, and others hatch chickens. I’m guessing if you need some eggs in the future, Johnny can hook you up.

Spring has sprung, so get out there and hit up some events, if you haven’t already! There are tons of fun things going on that I hope you didn’t miss. On March 16, AREAA hosted one of their Sip, Schmooze and Study events. This one was a lender and developer panel at Hofbräuhaus Chicago, which focused on “springing into new homes.” The event was in the evening, rather than the usual lunchtime panel, which means it was acceptable for me to have a cocktail or three more than I normally would. Folks listened to speakers such as Kelly Hayes, Paul Pingel, John Manglardi Jr., and Armando Chacon chat about how to sell more homes and earn more commission this season.

CAR held their annual sales awards on March 23 at the Drake Hotel. The CommercialForum also presented awards in 12 commercial real estate categories. While the awards are always a good time, what’s even more fun is seeing everyone looking sharp in their finest duds. I thought about breaking out the tux this year, but decided on my finest Armani instead. I noticed a few other agents (you know who you are) following suit. See what I did there? Congrats to all the winners!

Last, but not least, I’ve got some Spring birthday shout-outs! Judy Greenberg and Marissa Lanzito both celebrate on March 28. Peter Olesker celebrates his big day on March 29, and Deena Zimmerman gets to party on March 30. You can’t fool Mike Vesole, Kyle Schuhmacher or Andrea Gellar on April 1, but you may be able to pull one over on Kim Hay Keefe, Todd Warshauer or Cari Zweig-Driscoll on April 2. Anne Ewasko and Carrie Bey-Little should have a big blowout together on April 8.

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