The Evolution of Real Estate Marketing

Photography over the years has evolved tremendously becoming an entirely digital platform with the most refined photo technology and capabilities. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” stands true in a big way in the real estate industry. Photography will always be a crucial visual element when marketing a home. New to the real estate marketing scene is a type of camera that takes 3-dimensional photos to capture the depth of a space, immersing the viewer in a real life experience using a platform called Matterport. This technology allows you to do more than simply view a photo; it is changing the way real estate companies are able to present the interior of a home. Matterport simulates a 3-D virtual tour capability and provides the opportunity to easily navigate and experience a home as if you are actually there standing in the room! Both the device and system are very user friendly and well worth the cost to best capture all of your listing’s great interior qualities and feel without actually being in the home! As a real estate agent it is important to always be current and offer your clients the the best marketing options available!