Membership has its privileges

by Agent X


There are many benefits to being at the top. For one, as you know, I rake in the dough on the regular. That’s how I can afford my island and my yacht, and give Sean Conlon a run for his money in the travel department. And then there is the fact that everyone knows your name (although only true masters like myself can build a successful brand without unveiling their identity. Watch and learn.) At any rate, “top producer” means more than islands and yachts and money. Or so I’m told.

CAR picked up and moved their offices over to the REALTOR® Building at 430 N. Michigan, Suite 800. Now CAR, Illinois REALTORS® and NAR are all in the same spot. All those REALTORS® got together and celebrated with a special ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Feb. 21 featuring leaders from each association. Speakers included Matt Silver, prez of CAR, Ginger Downs, Matt Difanis, president-elect of Illinois REALTORS® and Elizabeth Mendenhall, president-elect of NAR. Cocktails and appetizers were served for those of us who can’t sit and listen to speakers without a drink and a snack in our hand.

That same day, Baird & Warner opened their new South Loop office at 620 S. Dearborn St. This is the 28th office to open for BW in Chicago. I went after the CAR thingy, so I have to admit everything is a bit hazy.

The next day WCR hosted a top-level networking event. Throw the word “top” into any event and you know that I’m there. Held at STK in downtown Chicago, we mingled with the national leadership and steering committee members.

Plenty of real estate peeps have felt comfortable brunching outdoors in this freakishly enjoyable weather, and I can get behind that. I myself have been able to get a head start on my tan. But let’s move on to more legit causes for celebration.

Here’s to the March madness babies! Shout out to Beth Repta, celebrating on March 3, and Steve Schwartz on March 4. Jim Psyhogios and his hard-to-pronounce name celebrated on March 6, and David Cieslak gets to party on lucky number seven. Don Joseph and Maria Clara Medina both have a March 9 birthday, and Katrina Schmitt and Landon Harper are birthday twins on March 10. Todd Probasco has a March 11 birthday, Dan McLean is lucky or unlucky getting another year wiser on the 13th and Sandesh Bilgi made a big move to Better Homes and Gardens just in time for his March 15 birthday.

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