A charm of agents

by Agent X


So, I’ve been thinking. I think there should be a special term for a group of agents. You know, a group of crows is called a murder, a flock of geese is called a gaggle and a bunch of crabs together is called a cast. I think we could come up with something a little more exciting than “team” for real estate agents – a charm, a posse, a cluster? Whatever we call it, there are pros and cons to selling real estate as a group. You’re going to need an actual business model, and you’re going to need to read this issue’s cover story to learn about your options.

Lots of you headed down to Grant Park on Jan. 21 to get your march on. I spotted a lot of your signs on social media, and I also saw a bunch of industry folks. Good for you making your voices heard. Like everything else I keep private, my political leanings are confidential, but it was a nice day for a walk. I even saw a vid of LaToya Hayes of Century 21 Universal dancing with a wax figure of Mr. Dirty Dancing himself: Patrick Swayze.

Attention! The footings have officially been poured at District House in Oak Park. The 28 “artful urban” residences located in the heart of Oak Park will also be LEED certified.

Sean Conlon Tracker Alert: Recently Mr. Conlon was spotted recording interviews for an upcoming show called “The Deed.” The show will apparently “follow him rescuing struggling real estate projects in Chicago by offering his expertise and his money.”

CAR hosted a Market Outlook event on Jan. 12 at the InterContinental Hotel on Michigan Ave. Speakers included David Wolf, Deena Zimmerman and Gail Lissner. Hands-down, my favorite moment was when Jonathan Smoke did his DJ Smokey Smoke bit and spun some choice tunes to complement his analysis.
On Jan. 20, Draper & Kramer Mortgage Corp. hosted their first quarterly sales meeting of 2017 at Bottled Blonde, which happens to be my fave name for a bar in River North. At their meeting, they shared company goals, sales tips, and marketing best practices.

Also on Jan. 20, WCR hosted the Diary of a Mad Prospector Event, where lunch was served as Terry Watson had folks rolling on the floor when she shared her secrets of prospecting the top 1 percent. Okay, so maybe people weren’t actually rolling on the floor, but she took home some serious laughs.

Here are some folks born in February. Mosella Clair and Craig Achtzehn share their big day with a certain groundhog who goes by the name of Punxsutawney Phil. Meanwhile, Daniel Gonzales will celebrate on Feb. 3, and Sara Bonert, Arsiak Vartenian, and Amy Settich Strauss will all toast their big day on Feb. 4. Lane Sears, Katy Thomas, Emily Santos, Art Schalk, Kelly Wong and Hamza Ishaq celebrate on the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively. Put them together and you have a poker straight (plus one for cheaters). Laura Gaan breaks the sequence with a Feb. 12 birthday. If you know someone who has a Feb. 11 birthday, hit me up for next year to keep that streak going!

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